Subject. ( I)rene (E)mma ( A)nnie (C)utter (U)niversalLink (post number)Comments
_ The first Emma thread postE1A starting point for all Emma enthusiasts
_The first Irene thread postI1Well done Paul, look what you started !!
Adhesives & sealantU1171Hull adhesive and sealant
Adhesives in useU60Gary talks on this
Annie 110%A1493More on Mega-Annie
Annie 110%A188Determining bulb weight requirement.
Annie 110% scaleA113My MegaAnnie "Diana"
Annie 110% scaleA151Building a larger Annie
Annie buildA119CB's Annie "Vera" build
Annie buildA201Crossbones' "Vera"
Annie build hullI1782Photos of Kernow's Annie, "Milady
Another Emma buildE712Juan's Emma Laser cut parts
BatteriesU1445Some ideas and insight in regards to batteries
Bending tubingU756Bending tubing
BlocksI985Step by step tutorial
BlocksU1413Zips improved block durability
BlocksU2078More on making wooden rigging blocks
Bow spritI973More discussion
Bow spritI980Gary explains...
Bow spritI1057Installing
BowsiesU146Some thoughts
Budget Mylar plastic sailsU124Another sail material option
BuildI1357Crossbones' Skye
BuildE270Video on an Emma build
BuildE371A couple of brightly clad Emmas
BuildE389Kernow's Emma almost finished
BuildE535Shaggy's Emma "Ketty Jay"
BuildE1080Mick's "Gamecock"
BuildA259Photo with Henk included
BuildA273Eddie's Annie build in progress
BuildA301Kernow's "MiLady" in progress
BuildA306Eddies Annie progresses
BuildA320Kernow's completed
BuildA367Eddie's final stage
BuildC235CB's cutter build Pt 1
BuildC246CB's cutter build Pt 2
BuildC259Bob's cutter
BuildC264CB's Pt 3
BuildC265Mike's Cutter project underway
BuildC280Another great Cutter on the way
BuildC310Rob's cutter build notes
BuildC317CB's "Juno" Pt 4
BuildC336SK's build Pt 1
Building materialsU21Gary's slant of getting these
BulbI205Gary on lead etc
BulbI1112Mold making
BulbI1308Bulb sizing mathematics
BulbE249More on this
BulbU222Paul's report
BulbU31Balsa plug
BulbU1112Lead working
BulbU1298Mold making
BulbU447Casting lead
BulbU1675Casting photos
BulbU1798Chris's bulb making method
BulbU1942How to adjust the bulb final weight
BulbU2025How to make a timber bulb plug for flat casting.
BulbU2030Using sheet lead to build up a 2 part bulb section
BulbU2319Using sheet lead
BulbU1106Production line casting
BulbU1118More casting techniques
BulbU353More on that "hot" topic
BulbU384Bulb made with recess included
Bulb castingU116Paul's Annie bulb making
Bulkhead adhesionU61Liquid Nails
BulkheadsU63Setting up
BulkheadsU1067Fitting bulkheads
CameraU502Gary's info on how he does it
CameraU1630The Insta360 camera
CameraU1639A gallery of Insta360 photos onboard Kaminak
CameraU1640More of the Insta360
CameraU503Deck mounting
CameraU1674More Insta360 discussion
CameraU419Popular onboard budget camera
CastingU199More on bulb casting
CastingU1493More on this important subject
CastingU335More on bulb casting
Classic sailboatsU1663Couple of Irenes with a cousin.
CleatsU230Paul's solution
CleatsU970Wooden D.I.Y.
DeckU85To glue down or screw ?
DeckU1350Discussion re deck permanence, or not.
DeckU830Deck edge sealing
Deck (removable)U2115Some considerations with a removable deck.
Deck (removable)U2127More on this topic (several posts in all)
Deck eyeletU329Zip's deck eyelet solution
Deck fittingsU265Garys talk about the sequence of assembly
Deck plankingU101Zip's methodology for all
Deck removableIU1338Rob's method of making a deck removable
Deck removableU1350More on the "why" of it
Design your own sailsU125Zip tells how to do it
Dual winchC212Sheeting for the cutter foresails
ElectricsU515Pre-launch checking procedure
EmmaE552Bernard's sloop "Penny"
Emma BuildE462Shaggy's Emma
Emma buildE688Derda's project
Emma buildE817profitz's Emma build photos
Emma buildE966An in-depth overall build notes and how to
Emma photosE15Gary's "Emma" (making it on here as afaeture )
Emma water testE715Pete's bathtub test facilty
Emma with larger jibE721See K's Anna with topsail and larger jib
EpoxyU73PC-7 paste
Epoxy filletU509Gary's fillet method
Epoxy puttyU1059Discussion
FairleadsU1454Ideas and info on sheeting through the deck
FairleadsA160Annie fairleads etc.
FairleadsU2211About fairleads
FairleadsC219Also keel locking access
Fairleads and blocksU253Alternative materials
Fast schooner "Diana" beta sailsA129Multi-sail version
Fast schooner "Vera"A126CB's build Pt 2
Fast schooner "Vera"A134"Vera" Pt 3
Fin (Emma)E69Gary's article
Fin (Keel)B584How I did it
Fin (Keel)U695Prefitting
Finishing offI1143Another variation
Float testU495Bill's test on his Annie
FlotationU882Gary talks about this
GaffI1051Gaff rigging
GaffI1103Gaff adjustment
Gaff forkI1056Fork construction
Gaff forkI C2264Gaff fork material and techniques
Gaff ForkI A C331Adding protection
Gaff rigI723Gaff rigging to mast detail
Gaff rigE431Gary talks about snotter adjustments
Gap sealantsU2255Filling the gap twixt hull and deck
Halyards & pinrailsB1034How to from The Master
HatchU836Sliding hatch
HatchU453Securing hatch and cabin closures
HatchesU32Gary's method of securing
Hoops and hanksI464Paul's technique
Hoops and hanksI465Gary's comments
HullsU1580Some photos of the various Bear boats hulls lying side by side for comparison.
HullsU2245Some interesting views on hull construction
Idler pulleysC72The remote idler pulleys in the cutter
Idler pulleysC202Type of pulley that is well suited
Inner hullU561Glues, joins and other sticky stuff
Inner hullU563Yambo's suggestions
Irene modsU2158A number of my more recent mods to my first schooner "MollyG"
Irene photosI1934Pmlarouche's "Madalf"
KeelI1587Retractable keel mod
KeelE468Gary's comments
KeelU4New or used?
KeelU465Shorter keel
KeelU2170A series of posts talking about keel material thicknesses
KeelU285Alternative to standard sheet aluminium
Keel/bulb comparisionU139Some interesting photos
Keels255Gary explains all
KeelsU216A comparison
KeelsU1050Gary tells what mods you can do
Laser cutE714More from Juan
LaunchingU744Methods of effective launching
Lead CastingU70Gary's explanation
LinkagesU860Access to rudder linkages etc.
LinkagesU862Gary's input
MaidenA395Eddie's maiden pics.
Maiden voyageA263CB's "Vera" shows her stuff
MastU2345How to make lifting the boat by the mast/s possible.
MastU454Gary talks about placement
Mast collarU867Mast collar to allow lifting of boat by mast.
Mast rakeI492Gary explains further
Mast rake (Part 1)I674Gary's report
Mast Rake (Part 2)I675More from Gary
Mast ringsI A C326Wood or plastic?
Mast ringsI A C406Lathe production from wood
Mast stepU112Paul's mast steps
Mast taperU600Why tapered three sides only.
Mast taperingU811One way to do it.
Measuring sail areaU118How to, if you ever have the need.
Mobius Joo VuuU289Mobius compact video camera. also waterproof housing Joo Vuu
Multi jibsI1055Discussions and illustrations on additional jibsail
Multi-sailA1493Multi-sail rigging
Multi-sail riggingI1756Zip opens up more on his multi-sail Kaminuk
Multi-sailsI1563Multi-sailed Kamanik gets on the water.
Onboard videoU1147Mountings
Overlapping sailsI A130Zip on multi-sail considerations
PaintU856Metal paint, an alternative
PaintU262Notes of metal type enamel paint usage.
Paint keel and bulbU2326Talking about metal paints
PaintingU1195Painting techniques
PaintingU1665Upmarket finish
PaintingU127Some considerations to think about.
Pelican hooksU745More Gary info
Pelican hooksU752Gary's info
Pelican hooksU1397Further pelican hook construction, including video
Pelican hooksU1520My effort 🙂
PhotosI2056More "Madalf" photos
PhotosE877Emma with topsail
PinrailsU221first of Gary's on this
Plan printingU3More discussion
Plan sizingU20More from Gary
PlankingU413More ideas
PlankingU969Drawing them
PlankingU285Planking job (Eddie)
PlankingU143More on planking
PlankingU155Eddie does it so well
PlankingU160Gary on planking terminology
PlankingU165More info
PlansU765D.I.Y. printing
PlansU48Printing adjustments
PlansU988Gary's advice on ready to go prints
PlansU1706Printing plans
PlansU555Printing on A4 and taping together
PlyU551Radiata pine ply
PlyU562Door skin from old door
PlyU67On light ply
PlyU1728Repurposed plywood
PlyU1730Door ply
PlyU701Modelman on birch ply
PlyU39Recycled door panels
Ply adhesiveU9More on this
PlywoodU823USA "skin" source
Plywood in U.K.U699SloCa lists a lot of sources and info
Plywood treatmentsU941Discussion
PortholesU2148Some ideas (several posts)
RadioU735Onboard radio placement
RadiosU1493Gary on radios and winch servos
RadiosU2200Some insight in radios
RakeI1427Gary talks about mast rake
Retractable keelU1693More on Pete's mega-modification
RiggingI1647Spars and stuff
RiggingU1538Chris' chain-plates
RiggingU2243Gary talks about rigging
Rub RailsU29Attaching stiff beading etc to hull
RudderI331Setting linkages properly
RudderU741Shaft & servo arms
RudderU946Alternative method
RudderU331Gary's explaination on linkages.
RudderU105Paul on rudder shaping
RudderU768Greasing rudder shaft
RudderU1134Contoured rudder design
Sail boxU392Keep those sails from creasing.
Sail changesU451Gary tells all
Sail fabricU192Some ideas
Sail hoopsI685How to attach
Sail makingU11Getting started
Sail makingU1614Some ideas
Sail makingU1620More info
Sail materialsU865Some ideas on this
Sail materialsU1798Ideas for fabric
Sailing conditionsI1468Tessa 2 was sailed, and videoed in heavy going.
Sailing photosI1780More "Alicia"s photos
Sailing rangeU473How far should you sail her?
Sailing techniquesU279Some interesting ideas
SailsI515Gary explains some of the fundamentals
SailsU208Gary on bolt ropes
SailsU690More on cotton
SailsU692Treating cotton sails
SailsU697More on this subject
SailsU279On the setting of sails
SailsU1737Cotton and methods
Sails (multi)I1052Start of an ongoing discussion on multi-sails
Sails (multi)I1052Further discussion on multi-sails
Sails MultiI1331Zip's article of rigging multiple sail
Sails MultiI1336More by Zip on multiple sail control
Sails MultiI1339Multi sail debate
Sails MultiI1399Zip on multisails, Part 2
Sails pre-madeU447Bill's Annie with Carr sails
Sails shapedU1903Pros & cons re shaped(paneled) sails
ScalingU1948Gary's explanation of sizing considerations
ScalingA431Gary tells you what you can and can't do
SchoonerI1542Janusz ' "Alicja"
SchoonerI1547More of "Alicja"
SchoonerI1599Mick's “Guinefort” schooner
SchoonerI1684Pete's "Andrea Lynn"
SchoonerI1699"Andrea Lynn" on the water.
SchoonerU1632Oil painting of the Molly G
Schooner AnnieU1507Gary introduces Annie
Schooner AnnieU1515Paul posts some pics from the Bear website
Schooner comparisonsI A441More on this topic
Schooner deck worksI1234Irene upper works
Schooner deck worksU1221Deck structures
Schooner deck worksU1229External view
Schooner multi-sailsI1483Zips mammoth mod to his Schooner sail setup
Schooner multi-sailsI1484Pt 2 with diagrams
Schooner multi-sailsI1490Pt 3
Schooner multi-sailsI1498Shaggy's mod
SchoonersI A268Photos showing an Irene & an Annie in comparision
ScrewsU293Reinforcing rail screw usage
Servos & FinI66Gary talks about these
Sheet controlC67Cutter sheet control
Sheet travelC215Gary's info
SheetsU245Gary's gets into this subject
SheetsU304When to install the sheets
SheetsU306Replacing the sheets afterwards
SheetsU313Even more
SheetsU341Dyneema ply cord
SheetsU1889Zip explains about sheet routing
SheetsU741How to replace sheets
SheetsC278Gary's info on Cutter sheet lengths
Sheets (Horses)E1447Info on deck horses
ShroudsI1377Discussion on the need for shrouds
SizingU2073Gary's adds to his sizing suggestions
Skiff & DoryI1829Where to find the plans
Sprit loopE19see photo
StandI910Gary's stand details
StandB1272Boat stands
StandU269CB's boat stand
Stats on the three threadsU1781Some interesting info on how popular Gary's boats are.
SuperglueU978About CA (Superglue)
SwitchU784Switch harness
Three boats sailing togetherU1764Three Bear-boats celebrate Christmas DownUnder
ToolsU1507Surgical forceps
TopsailsI1264Topsails for schooner
TopsailsE263Emma topsail
TopsailsE C972Talking about topsails
TransomI107Paul's curved transom
TravelerE42Another version
TrolleyU1980A simple trolley where the beach is a way off from the car.
VentilationU89Ideas on removing internal water
Video captureU1742Pete's camera steady tips
Water exclusionU257Other ideas
Water exclusionU277More on this subject
WaterlineU187An essential stage in the build prior to casting
WaterproofingU1897Some more discussion on this topic
Wheel (boats)U901D.I.Y version
WinchI199More on this
WinchI1312Dual winch control
WinchE77On "double purchase" consideration
WinchU72Arm or drum?
WinchU1493Chris Blight's winch line routing Pt1
WinchU1494Chris Blight's winch line routing Photos
WinchI A1835Large idler pulley for winch line
Winch line cordageU1875Brickline winch cord same as Gary's recommendation.
Winch line tensionI A C2275Is a line tensioner really necessary?
Winch servosU887Difference between HiTec winch servos
Winch tensionerI A C117Essential for inline tensioners
Irene Emma Annie Flyer Other .Link /Post No.Comments
.Sail Tails ChannelAll of Gary's videos to date
A266"Vera" maiden voyage
A290Aussie Annie duo go one on one on Crusoe (Aust)
A291x "Tessa" and "Vera" Fast schooners
A295Henk's "Precious" on her evening maiden
A314Under Covid (2 person only) restriction we still got some good sailing in.
A2Annie prototype schooner "Tessa 2"
A1Gary's introduces the Annie class Fast Cargo schooner
A56Gary's latest Annie
A1740Short clip on my sail making procedure
A358Kernow's "MiLady" greets the world
A372Two Annies romping about in great windy conditions
A407Henk's "Precious" getting up some sea miles
A417Three Bears with a Yankee guest getting about with gusto
A443As Covid restrictions eased we got back with the local plastics. For a while, anyway.
A E472Now referred to as The Three amigos by others we ventured to yet another sailing venue about 20 minutes away, amongst apple orchards and vineyards.
C2278Dual winch line system demo
C979Seen on Youtube and well worth the watch if you are into a Cutter
E74Anna goes head to head with the mixed fleet on Neangar
E221Maxine going flat chat
E83Nell and Anna lifting their skirts
E310A day on Crusoe with Anna V2.
E106A French Emma
E300A fully refurbished Anna
E287A Swiss Emma debuts
E319An Emma under strong conditions
E276An Irish Emma
E552Bernard's sloop "Penny"
E78Crusoe reservoir with Anna
E81Dramatic weatherproof testing
E481Henk's sloop "Arja"
E357Irander's Emma on a Swiss lake
E425Kernow's action debut Emma
E80Kernow's Emma
E435Kernow's Emma build video
E106Modified sloop Maxine
E190More Aussie Emma match racing
E541More onboard sloop footage
E503Onboard video "Maxine" top sail sloop
E83SloMo study of an Emma fully underway.
E82Sloop Anna maxing out on Neangar
E342The all weather rc sloop Emma
E512The Last Sailing of "Arja"
E454Two Emmas
E350Wild day of Logh Erne
E1493Pete gives "Emma" her maiden amongst the biggies.
E916Baldy's Emma maidens
E972Two sloops going head to head on Crusoe reservoir Aust.
E1002Interesting coverage of three Emmas out together on Crusoe res. Aust.
E1014Pete's topsail Emma in Camden Harbour USA
E1040Dirk's "Minimaatje" sloop
E1063Two Emmas mixing it with larger "plastics" on Lake Neangar Eaglehawk, Aust.
F1875Dual winch system
F2100Gary's Flyer hull tute
F44Paul offers this Youtube pic for some awesome viewing
F53Gary introduces his 4th creation. Will this be his last?
F65Gary explains tacking with the Flyer
F87Paul offers up another YouTube classic to watch
F92Zip throws some more Cutter entertainment
I1622"Kamanik" 360 video footage
I1563"Kamanik" top sails test
I1654"Kamanik"'s Wild ride
I735Deborah goes head to head with another boat
I289Deborah launch
I312Deborah on Pearl lake
I384Deborah on Stagecoach Lake
I284Deborahwith sails set
I776Jenny struts her Sunny Queensland self.
I1252Kamanik 360 degree viewing
I1281Kamanik 360 Pt 2
I1178Kamanik at large
I1117Kamanik goes on show
I1222Kamanik on Lake Ontario
I1227Kamanik on Ontario Day one
I1235Kamanik on Ontario Day two
I1246Kamanik sailing and launching
I1320Ketty Jay (N.Z.) schooner
I1392Ketty Jay with flying jib
I1025Lorraine at Bessbrook
I790Lorraine in heavy weather
I779Lorraine lights up our day
I1184Lorraine on River Erne
I615Molly G Day one (Crusoe Reservoir)
I869Molly mixes it with other boats
I678Molly stalked by sea serpent.
I1135Steal-Her in action
I1363Tessa & Skye schooners
I1185A colourful Irene, indeed!
I1663A cousin for "Molly G' and "Skye"
I439Bob's onboard video action with 2 slooop jibs
I1616Cb & RobC's schooners first dual onboard videos
I702Deborah with furled foresail
I1257Drone view of Kamanik's venue
I1654Gary's insider on the Bear
I1658Glorious sailing with "Kamanik"
I98Hull interior overview
I145Irene Deck fittings
I1521jradarp's example of a multi-sail boat
I1132Kamanik , fisheye view
I96L'il Rosi. a much scaled down Irene made of foam sheet.
I1392Modified schooner Tessa2 under sail
I1428Modified schooner Tessa in moderate conditions
I628Molly G on Lake Neangar
I16310More 360 settings
I1728More Aussie schooners on a joint video exercise
I1693More on the retracting keel
I1587Pete's bench test of the adjustable keel setup
I270Sail stitching
I198Sail winch operation
I80Schooner "Lorraine"
I1354Schooner Irein
I1475Tessa 2 in heavy going
I1339Visual explanation of multi-sail theory
I1821"Molly G"
I1931"Kamanik" and mermaids June 2020
I1981Two Aussie Irenes hard at it
I2042Amid covid restrictions there weres some 2-3 boat sail days
I2079"Margaret Ann" maiden
I2099"Kamanik" Sept 2020
I2122Irandar's Irene maiden
I2184Molly G (upgraded) going full on
Ia2304Schooner "Irene Hunter"
Owner unknown
I230780% Irene build
I2333National (Australia) Day down under. Two Irenes
I A2194Sister Schooners out for fling
I A 2239Gaff schooner rig setup
I E992Sloop "Anna" messing with her bigger siblings
O760About stainless steel
O27another 1:1 sprit rigger
O189Behind the scenes at Bearospace
O926Camera positioning
O1200Classic 1:1 schooner Atlanta
O113Columbia - 141’ Racing/Fishing Schooner Yacht - Construction to Sea Trials
O480Comparing two onboard fitted video brands
O634D.I.Y. blocks
O190Gary recites his favourite schooner poem
O632Gary's home , Sparkle TV star !
O1830Gary's rudder build
O1857Gary's Sail Control
O554Janusz's Paperclip.
O1716Join Zip on the schooner "Lewis R French"
O598Laser cutting of plywood
O1509Noah, where art thou??
O838Olympia 1:1 schooner
O1311Other videos on lead casting
O80Pinky schooner 1:1
O26Sprit rigged pointy ender 1:1
O597Video camera testing
O1502Water, water, everywhere
O1500Zip's springtime thaw
O1966Gary's tutorial on hatch covers
O2009Gary's video " Salute to Scratch Builders"
O2153Gary's tute on removable cabin top
O2273Christmas sailing Down Under
O2291Winch line tension demo
O2341Where Gary says it is OK to change things.. but at your risk!
O1020Zip's visit aboard a biggie at Camden (pre-Covid)
O1065While not a Bear boat it is still akin to making one. Scrappy" the Tugboat
O1082"Scrappy" goes to sea
O481Zip explains the hazards of congested decks
O60Gary shows how to rig a schooner/cutter winch line
O481Shiver me timbers, mate! Thanks Zip

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