My Blog/newsletter has been around for about 10 years and up until 5 years ago came out twice weekly.

Since the pandemic, everything became uncertain, as we all well know, and the Blog has never quite recovered.

I regret it’s passing as I have 13 years of photos and boats and blokes, and lots on friendships,¬† but like most such things, it is now just history, but sailing is NOT.

If and when there is something to report on I will send out an letter to those I have on the mailing list. Anyone not on should let me know either in person or via Brian.

It’s been an interesting journey with lots of boats and numerous skippers.

This is your last chance to print out the order of sailing, only on a monthly basis.

Regards to all



Sailing days

Any Sunday arvo

All Mondays Any boat

First and third Wednesdays   DF95

Second and fourth Wednesday DF65

As always, any boat can sail on any day but might be the only one of that model.

Greg, Eric and I will continue to come on Wednesdays with our “Woodies”, as weather permits.


These pages will stay online for a few weeks but cannot be changed or added to by me at all.

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  1. Thanks Mal for all the work you have put in on this Blog and especially all the work on Ship Shape RC forum which got me and many others around the world into RC sailing and out of our shells to communicate and support similar minded sailors. Because of distance this blog was useful to see how others sailed east of the desert. Thanks againg, Rob

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