The type of weather you love.

Warm, breezy and plenty of water. Fortunately out there, just enough water.

The playground looks like getting more features so the kids will be happy. No coffee van, though.

Must have been up to a dozen boats, two were the woodies, the others mostly Dragons with a couple of big fellas in there as well.

Seems to be a few dropouts and/or collision couple-ups. Even Eric and I did a Waltzing Matilda down to the west bank with his cutter and my Sloop. Nothing serious but we needed a hefty gust or two to pull them apart, which wasn’t happening. I believe there were one or two battery failures, where is Mr Battery when you need him? (it’s an old joke about a former member who was rewriting the book on boat electronics, amongst other things, his way.) Those big, submerged rocks near the new launch pad are a real pain, they reduce the usefulness of the water the council has provided. If anyone who gets on with the Gardener well might ask him if it is possible for them to be moved out of the way sometimes. If any of us try to, we may be in the News for the wrong reason.

Vale   Roy Butterfield.    He loved his flying and in recent years, his rc sailing. Condolences to Margaret and their family.


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  1. Sorry to hear about Roy. Was thinking about him only yesterday, wondering how he was. Didn’t know how unwell he might have been.
    Good to see a good roll up at Neangar on Wednesday.
    Best regards to the team.

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