It got to around 11:00 AM with the moderate breeze coming and going and swinging wildly every so often, which made for some uncertain sailing.

Nevertheless, there was a very good turnout of the DF65s along with just as many other larger types. All in all, there were 15 skippers attending.  

The lake reminds full and is looking to stay that way longer than usual. Greg brought along his blue sails cutter/ Sloop. He tested out some improved sheeting guide rails at the forward hatch corners.

I’m not to identify all of the large boats but there were an IOM, a Focus V1,  a Laser, and at least two DF95’s, and others.

I believe that this mixture must be more attention-getting for onlookers than most boats being of all the same model, even though they stand out well for being what they are.

Seems to be two new faces I do not know and while I’ll try to get to them and ask them do they want to get on the email list for this blog, please recommend it to any that are not on it.

Well, this is 2 weeks in a row,  as it used to be. It may not be so regular in future, so being on the email list will let you know about all the latest published editions.

Keep in mind if you have any kind of boats, or sailing gear you would like to sell, just let me know and I’ll include it.

Since I’ve kept selected photos of every sailing day since 2009 that I’ve attended, including a few I couldn’t, I know I have over 850 days on the sticks. Even so, Brian will have eclipsed it be at the other side of 1000, As a guess, it might be 1300 or even more. Well done, Brian!

Because I have these photos, and since some of them might well be of interest in one way or the other, I will include a small section in each edition on when and with what. Those who have been around for the last eight years or more may well come across themselves. Some types of boats were not seen very often and some never any more. I’ll also include a video with hopefully some difference in interest in it for everyone.

I heard someone loudly today doing a countdown which brought back clear memory of Brian , asking “You all ready to go?”  Then he would hit the button on his recording device and the voice of the Lady would come out loud and clear and tell everybody went to start. Not before, not after. I cannot actually say who the lady was.  Be nice to have her back, hey?

If you don’t feel inclined to leave a comment here, which I can understand, please at least click on the green thumbs-up button so I get some indication that the blog is still worth keeping on with.

No video today but it will be back. In its place a couple of Yesteryear ones being a bit different, even then.

This one is different in as much as most is at a slow frame rate, allowing the viewer to see the interaction between water and hull. Suggest you skip a bit through it as in those days I made longer recordings, which I now know is somewhat offputting.

This is one that is special in more ways than one, especially if you are a DF95 skipper. It was one of eight only initial protoypes made by Joysway for their distributors worldwide.  Because I had a very popular global RC sailboat forum at the time the Oceania distributor, Hobby Warehouse (Melb) approached me to see if I would take their proto out on the water and tell them what I thought of it. Would I ?.. wouldn’t you!! So I did. I had it for 4 months before production was started and stocks were available worldwide. It seems Joysways realised the initial prototype had a less than desirable hull thickness and few other minor corrections so came out with a send issue of distributor samples. I must have been OK as they sent me that as well. These days Greg owns it and has the 02 certificates to authenticate it.

In this video, at around halfway through, you can see the fledgling duo out there against a half dozen Budgies. For a while, the Budgie was VERY popular, I think we had 7.

Here are some selected photos from yesteryear

Looking across to our launch site. Crusoe had just been topped right up. Nov 2016

Charlie made sure he didn’t starve. A fully mobile kitchen and boat carrier.

Not fixed course layout then, Brian had to deploy the outer marker like this.

Couple of local identities, recognize either?



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  1. I have to say Mal, it didn’t take long for me to guess who the 2 celebrities were on the steps at Crusoe. Myself and Hans. Wow that brings back some memories.
    Love it, keep dragging up the old footage 👍

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