Pre-Lockdown numbers on the water Wednesday.

We haven’t seen 16 skippers for a long while, at least as I recall. Carole said there were 12 on Monday so it shows we are back up to normal attendance. Have to hit 26 to better the record.



The weather was kind, the warmest we have had since autumn and the wind was OK if not as good as it gets. It was consistent anyway.

Eric and I brought our big Woodies along and had a great time amongst all the 95s and Laser.

The boardwalk was elbow to elbow, almost.

The man from the City council visited to see how the launch platform was going and seemed assured that we all are very thankful for it. Still, a couple of very large rocks are to be removed, maybe in warmer weather, and should the level come down somewhat. While it is still chockers, it will have to lose some as the warmer weather increase evaporation. I asked if they could put another set of ‘Loos just on the other side of the dead gumtree. He didn’t actually laugh it off as he said there are plans to add more things to the area but couldn’t say what.

After many months of Greg, Eric and I mostly sailing our big Woodies at Crusoe or Harcourt, we’re more than happy that the new launch pad makes it a lot easier to sail the larger, heavier boats with everyone at Neangar.

Because of that, I’ve decided not to close the blog off (I had indicated this to a few, in passing) but will continue it on to the best of my ability with support from Carole at times. Even so, it won’t be as regular, maybe twice a month.

Today’s YouTube video is a bit longer than usual as I will try to feature most, if not all boats of the day in it. as in the GOD (Good Old Days) but should be of interest to all those who like that sort of thing.

I’m open to ideas for it but can keep on with how it’s been quite happy.

Carole was there on Monday with Russell and she sends in a few photos, saying that it was around 11 kph (lightish) with 12 boats on the water.


Note that the monthly calendar is just a general guide to what will be mostly sailed on that day. It doesn’t exclude any other kind as the day is meant to be sailing in general.


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  1. Hey Mal,
    Personally I think the reintroduction of the blog is great idea, even if it is a fortnightly publication
    Although we are all there in the flesh sailing, its always of interest to see the photos and comments of the days events.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Yes Greg, it’s good to be able to get content for it. I’ll see if I can pad it out with something relative .

      Occasional replies do help. good

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