Well, Ripples, anyway.

Laurie took on the recovery of his sunken sailboat with a vengeance, as you can see in the photos and the video.

Brian says that the numbers have not really recovered since the restrictions were removed although many come and go more so than in years past.

As it was there were only 6 regulars and Eric and I , a bit more frequently these days.

The wind was as forecast lightish for the first hour or so than moderate most of the morning.

Laurie took centre stage in his endeavour to recover his pride and joy and it seemed to me that we should ask the council for a rubber dingy instead of the will-of-the-wisp pontoon.

When I left around late midday he was still casting his line, and hopes, but I don’t know if he was rewarded with a successful recovery. Still, he’d make a great Admiral. (it’s the plank for you, me boy

We were impressed with his electric outboard, from where we sat it looked like an electric drill attached to a large paint stirrer. Can undertand his expertise with such.  😉

Talking with Brian early on about the level of  the lake, he said the council did reroute the stormwater drain up over beyond the exercise building but dug up the covered stormwater, where it exited between the men’s Loo and pumphouse and placed large concrete stormwater pipes under it. Going by the full status of the lake this early into autumn, with only one bout of consistent rain some weeks ago, it seems they got it right, this time. While maintaining a generally higher average level in the lake, will also go a long way toward flushing it out and improving the clarity of the water. The original punt the Council bought to supply us with is still moored up the far end of Weeroona, gathering bird poo. Wasted money that was.

General DF65 racing was punctuated by the admiral of the fleet in his flagship and our wooden oldies flitting about.

Hopefully, more of us will get back into it once again, regularly (a doctor would agree ) as I don’t think there is anywhere outside of Melbourne that has our type of venue and population to make attendance up where it used to be.

I think it is fair to say that one of the consequences of lengthy, uncertain lockdowns is that it is easy to stay home more often even now even though we don’t have to. Nobody’s fault, just how it is.

Here’s a YouTube of the highlights of the morning’s sailing.

A new month coming up so a new Calendar. The good old days of having SPECIAL DAYS seem well over, pity, but that’s how it is.

Any rc sailing boat is welcome on ANY day, the calendar just organises some regular dates


  1. Hi Mal,

    June 1 is surely 95 day and 8 65 day?
    I only ask as I have a friend with a DF65 coming on the 8th.

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