For once, of late, the forecast improved overnight and was actually pretty well spot on. The wind got up to 25 kph but mostly under 20, but just how we like it. The temperature was OK for a while but the wind made it feel like 8C as they said. It wasn’t until around midday that the black clouds rolled in from the south west and the light rain sort of took the fun out of it, with most on the 10 or so participants packing up for a warmer spot a home.

Bit of a mixture of boats and no two looking much alike, except for the two wooden home-built sloops that reveled in such conditions. No use putting them in a race on a day like today, the plastics were just too fast.

For me it was good to catch up with Robert and Charlie again, it’s been a while.

It seems one of our bigger boats is still on the lake bottom from n earlier sailing. We hope it is duly recovered as it wouldn’t be the first. I had one once with just the tip of the mast showing above the surface.

Brian is no slouch when it comes to mix’n and matchin’. Those are at least 8 -10-year-old sails from models long gone to the knackers.

The water level is close to full, if not already, but those rocks need putting back where they were.

Good to see the Course Buoys back on top.

More than a few photos today as the videos never got started.


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