Started out mild enough and by 10 am the breeze was reasonable, although inconsistent. Around 11 am the wind changed direction a few hearty gusts sent all boats this way and that.

Greg and I bought along a couple of “Woodies” that have been slightly modified and proved to be doing a satisfactory job. More wind would have been most welcome.

Laurie had his Fantastic Plastics along which are amazing on the water, considering the Trimaran came from this one $26 roll of  1.7mm filament. (330 metres)

With the increase in water level, the buoys are just poking above the water.

There was about 13 skippers along today, overall, and at one time there was a half dozen or more out there racing in earnest.

Now, this bloke is not “Ernest” but a very familiar face and good sport when I do things to photos of him.

Good to see Terence and Louis (the dog) back again and that Terence’s eyes are no longer a problem for him.

We need to let new skippers know that although the group specifies a particular model on the same days each month they are just for those who may want to sail regularly with boats of the same class. Fair enough, but the overall firm policy of the group ( if we ever made many) is that ANY boat is welcome, on any special day, or any other for that matter. Some of us feel it is rather sad that we no longer get turnups with a great assortment of boats. When there is a 5th Wednesday in a month the calendar will state that it is an OPEN DAY and hopefully those of us with a few boats will bring along something different for a change.

Probably a good time to make it clear that we aren’t a club, as such, but in the council’s eyes, a recognized   Community  Group. That means we are simply a regular gathering of like-minded people who enjoy sailing model boats. The only organization we have, if it can be called that, is the starting and finishing of each informal race. As you would know by now, rules are meant as guidelines, nothing else. We are famous for our fairness and sincerity.

Here are a few photos from today. I had expected to do a video with all boats in it but the weather was not right for such. Hopefully next time.


  1. You get better with every blog.
    I look forward to reading what’s going on.
    Miss you guys, keep up the good work

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