Given the current hot spell and the popularity of Monday sailing, it is no surprise that Wednesday sailing was lightly attended.

The wind was a bit undecided and at times looking for a rest, but overall some really strong bursts of sailing were experienced.

Mostly 65’s with Laurie’s big black trimaran and Eric and my larger wooden-hulled craft were about it.

Clearly, the water level is going down quickly and it seems the 65 brigade is snapping up short, 240mm keels to cope with shallower water.

Pity to see the garden shrubs being vandalized but I guess it is hard to do anything about it, except perhaps replace them with desert Cactii

Laurie got some heady moments with his tri-cat, as you can see in the video while Eric and I did some helpful comparative sailing (no, we don’t race) with these two newly constructed boats.

Anybody wanting to sell anything boat-related on here should email me with details. I’ll ask for more if needed (details, not money!) I have a few definites that will be online in a week or two.

Here’s a short video for Wednesday and you’ll get an overview of how it was.

A few pics here as well.

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