Once again, this memorable event came to be. We aimed for 20 and by my count, members’ families included, we scored about 22. Thanks to all who were able to make it, it is the only real get-together we ever have.

A good mixture of boats and good weather generally for the sailing, although a bit more wind would have been welcomed by all.

Greg and Eric brought along their latest wooden classics, two English gaff cutters, most notable in the edition being the three foresails (operated off an independent winch system) and the offset bowsprit (traditional to aid parking one’s boat in small crowded English marinas.) Only my version opted for a centrally mounted spirit (just to be different). Certainly, these made a colourful addition to the fleet and performed very well despite my initial range and winch problems. Eric inadvertently married up with a plastic boat which took probably 30 minutes to retrieve. It was the only like incident. We do try to stay out of the way but the smaller boats tend to be focused on their sailing and sometimes these hookups will happen.

The lake’s water level is dropping given the relatively dry weeks we are having but for now it is OK.

Of concern, at least to those who are only just coming back to Neangar, is the amount of vandalism to the shrubs around the lake. Guess it had to happen but for a couple of years, it didn’t. When Eric and I were out on Friday we found a large scrub pulled straight out of the lawn area near the big Barrel and floating in against the boardwalk.

There has been no ongoing interest from the council on our pontoon project and I think, from what I know of it, we might as well say “didn’t happen”. They just don’t seem to understand what was being asked for and instead got carried away, as is their wont, over-planning and then expecting the public to pay for it. Put it into the “ Hargreaves Mall” basket.

With Crusoe weeded out for the big wooden boats, at least until autumn, we will be sailing Neangar for the duration. Since I can only do a blog when I come out for the day, whenever that is (a lot depends on the wind for the woodens) I expect there will be two editions per month, which is at least going to be a regular thing once again.  So, if you are not on the email notice list already, and would like a quick email to let you know just when a blog is up and running, simply leave a comment down below. Be assured only I see your email address.

Best decorated skipper went to Brian,

followed by Greg.

The best-decorated boat went to Eric and the least decorated boat went to me. No Santa this year.

There are two videos. One is a general one taken from the onboard cameras and the other was made mainly to announce to a global forum, on these sort of large wooden boats,  that OZ has made the first showing of three of these Cutters. Not exactly America’s Cup excitement but there are a good number of similar enthusiasts worldwide who will see it as noteworthy. Well done Greg and Eric!


So, the monthly Calendar has returned, pretty much as it has been over the pandemic, but where there is the fifth Wednesday in a month I’ll make it a model-specific type day, for a change. It still means just sail what you have but if you have, say a Laser, there could be three or 4  of them for once (used to 8 every Monday, way back).  Next week’s sailing is as it has been.

As well as sailing reports I’ll pad out the blog with general sailing stuff as I come across it. As always, if you have any photos of the day yourself, get them to me by the next day for inclusion, even if I wasn’t there. See if we can maintain the blog even better that way.

The Butterfields pass on their best wishes to all for the Festive season.


  1. Great work with the blog Mal and looks to have been a wonderful Xmas gathering. Have been AWOL for some time hoping to make some more appearances this New Year !
    Ian Daley

  2. I am sorry to have missed this week’s sailing and the Christmas breakup lunch although the wind looked very light. I am in Bonbeach spending time with my darling Elizabeth for the beak and her birthday on the 29th. I have had two race days at Patterson Lakes (95s and 65s) and learning a lot of new rules they seem to have invented. For example, a boat came from behind at a mark and pushed me down on to it and then demanded I turn for not giving way to an outside boat; another for not giving sufficient room to a windward boat to keep clear. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
    Will be back in the new year and look forward to seeing all of you lot, refreshed and ready for a new year of sailing.
    Merry Christmas, Terence and of course Louis.

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