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Or so you may well think.

But thanks to Carole I can put out this one and hope that better weather will get the wooden boats back on Neangar again. Those who have sailed Crusoe will understand that the winds there are generally more consistent in direction and strength which is ideal for large, heavy sailboats. As well the water is so clear you might think you were at the beach. But regardless of who likes sailing where, Crusoe is not suitable for racing compared to Neangar  and it is only weed-free for about 6 months, although this year it was pretty clear late summer, thanks to a topping up )a bit, anyway) by the council.

Anyway, here’s Carole’s on-the-spot report for yesterday’s sailing.

With threatening storm clouds, changing winds, and a crocodile swimming in the lake, it turned out to be a good breeze after lunch.

 The morning started with the launch of Terence’s Marblehead with some help sorting out the rigging. It looked really good on the water.

 There were nine boats on the water in the morning and increasing to twelve after lunch.

 The storm did not eventuate but the breeze increased and everyone was enjoying racing.


Excellent photos courtesy of Carole.


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Some recent highlights of sailing wooden sloops on Crusoe.


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