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Monday 24th sailing was under good conditions with about 10 skippers coming along for the morning. There were three or four of the popular Focus 2 which I found virtually inseparable from each other, each having a white 2 on the sail (printed on it both sides.) There has been a lot of this over time since the Dragons appeared and until the individual skipper does something about it it seems the boat lacks any real identity. If it were mine I would simply stick a vinyl shape over it or a coloured border around the number. Even colour the number in with a good quality marker? Anyway, wont be long before custom sails appear, I expect.

I had my latest wooden Classic along, the 72″/2M schooner Diana. She took 18 months from start to finish, only because other boats got in front on the bench. Her main feature are the three topsails, the jib topsail being somewhat different as it operated by a separate winch system. I was really happy with her performance in conditions that were a bit light for her, but even so she was all over the lake at some time or the other. Given that she has a 7.7kg keel/bulb with an overall weight of 13.7kg she is a very maneuverable craft, and can turn on a dime even with  little way on. Her design is much the same otherwise as Tessa, but at a scale of 110% it is a surprise to see she actually weight in at 150%.

Laurie continues to challenge traditional design and comes up with some rippers. although I had the camera ready he never actually obliged with the replay of the Great Splash of a couple of weeks ago.

Hans put his hands up (no pun intended ) with a few words also and some interesting photos. He reports that “The true blue remaining sailors, Richard,Terrance,Brian &Hans unfortunately tangled on the finish line on the last race.
Here are some images


So, no sailing anywhere in the State for a week, that will sorely tax a few diehards. Unlike last time there are no group sizing, simply NO GROUPS/NOBODY

Saw this pic that talks about the Astavenica vaccine which contains some observations that, along with the current lock-down,  should get many more to line up for the jab.

Because off been crook for a couple of weeks we couldn’t get on with our jabs until I was Ok’d by the doc. But then the lockdown through vaccination request sky-high and it seems some are being to wait for 3 weeks. I managed to do it online before the stampede and go  next Friday to the new hub..

Spoke with a City Council officer today re the Pontoon project. He is coming to Neangar in about a fortnight or so on the Monday to give a full update and take questions etc. This is not just a  P.R. thing but an important stage in the progress. I will send out a notice to those I have emails for as well as post on the blog, but if you only come to hear what’s up we definitely need a fair number to show our  sincerity. Should be within 2 -3 weeks, allowing for the current Covid disruption.

I’ve selected a couple pick of YouTube videos from my collection (over 160 ) based on how Neangar looked to those sailing a few years back. You may spot familiar past faces and certainly many individual boats (rarely seen anymore) as the range of craft being sailed was much more diverse then. click the WATCH ON YOUTUBE to get the best

To those who were not yet in with us you will be able to see how much everything has changed at the the lake itself. I have to say, pity it all did change. It certainly has not benefited us  overall.

Some months ago a few of us at Neangar ventured up to Lake Boga for a DF95 sailing event with  the local club. Although it was only four it was a sizable contingent and a showing that Neangar is open to such invites. I understand  that Brian, Colin, Richard, Terrence and Dane managed to get there and overall it was a great experience, as others, who sail more to regulations that we do, were able to provide that additional requirement. It seems that if it’s on next year, we’ll be there.

Don’t be hesitant  about posting comments here, it’s a part of the blog process and is important to me.

It has been suggested that the old, familiar calendar be published again even though it will hardly vary at all given the static program we now have. If you would like any changes, work it out between yourselves and let me know.



  1. Hello fellow RC Sailors. I haven’t for gotten you of lost interest in the hobby, just life, family and work have curtailed my recreation time over he last year or so, but I do hope to return.
    The boats will need a good clean up though.

  2. Terrific work as per usual Mal & great to see the calendar also. Missed seeing the crew at Lake Boga , heard about after gone. Should be interesting to see the councils ideas with the project.

  3. Thanks for the update Mal. Enjoyed the read. Thanks for your work. Looking forward to hearing what the council has in mind.

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