Turnout was good with about 14 skippers. Seems to be the average for Wednesdays nowadays.

Water level is still reasonable so a summers go, this one is wetter than others.

Following suggestions from the racing  fraternity the month calendar is now to be replaced with a static, perpetual one. This is to allow the majority of skippers to sail together with the two most common models, the DF95 and the DF65 on a Wednesday, one,  one week, then the other, next, and so on. Nobody mentioned months with an extra week so it remains as is .

But the Blog is looking like being more infrequent than ever with my being away from Bendigo   regularly which is a good time to have a second web presence, this time Facebook.  Michael is going to set this going and I’m sure he will fill in the info gaps and hopefully getting some of you to contribute, even if just a little.

As soon as he has that on the go I’ll add a link to it on the blog front page.

Charlie brought along his new Focus and it looked a real goer. Anyone interested Hobby Warehouse have them in stock right now.

Here’s the new sailing program from March 1st. I know, not as big as before, but all that’s needed.

But be assured, the original group  concept that ANY boat can sail on ANY day still and always applies.

Michael has requested this link to an upcoming Dragon Force regatta at Lake Boga over Easter.

This is a first ever for around these  parts and as it is to be run under liberal rules it should suit any of us. Talk to Richard, Terence or Michael about it if you are interested. I believe there are some going.

I’m following up on the state of the proposed pontoon for us. Rumour has it that it’s coming. Eventually.

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