Twenty boats, probably 17 of them DF95s. It seems the DF95 Day is here for the long haul. But don’t be put off from turning up with whatever you have on any of these special days, any boat is welcome and has always been the way.

Somewhat of a change to not see any boats stranded across the lake of drifting about, alone or attached to another.


The breeze was very acceptable, particularly for these boats and racing was constant and very close overall.

Was not too warm in the sun and only one brolly, brand spankin’ new, too, was used.

As expected, the water level has risen as a consequence of the high rainfall last week, and with more forecast for tomorrow it’s likely to gain even more. Usually around this time we are down to the beach in front of the boardwalk.

Today’s grand 95 fleet was covered with more photos than usual. While I’ll place a few in here, anyone wanting to see all 22 of them as an auto slideshow can click on the YouTube below. If you want to look at any (if you are in it, maybe?) just tap the space-bar and it will wait until you tap it again. On a phone I don’t know what you do. If you like the occasional slideshow when there’s enough to do it right, let me know.. please.

I’ve been in contact with the city of Bendigo re the proposed pontoon installation but my direct contact is not due  back from leave until later this month. At that time I’ll follow the matter up. We will get one (my opinion)

Tech Time

Any of you with a keen interest on the electronics within your boat, namely the rudder servo and winch servo might sometime appreciate having a snazzy little device that I’ve bough tin to test servos, using the battery and for the receiver. These devices a totally non-tech, you don’t even have to know the terminology. All they do  is

A: Activate the servo to indicate it is at least alive.

B: from the knob you can advance the servo one way or the other to see that it does that.

C; It has a simple push button that will take it to where it tells the servo to go exactly half way, that is, in the middle of the sheet travel (sheet being the string attached to the boom) or the rudder when it is centred  (straight ahead).. This is handy when winding the cord onto the winch drum. Set it for that position and wind the same amount of cord into each groove (sheave). It also sets the rudder servo so you can set the arm in the right position of the shaft.

D: The next push of the button will send it happily going all one way, then the other, and keep doing it until you’ve seen enough, or you forget and the battery is flattened.

Normally you’d pay over $10 for one online but I have these now, just a few, at $5.  Anyone who looks like they have been sailing in our group for a long time will already have one and uses it.

Let me know if you want one, I’ll have them in my car. If you’d like a demo first, I can do that.

Slideshow for those interested in such..

Next wed is 650 day. That means basically any small boat. but ANY BOAT is also welcome.




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