Great sailing conditions for all today, although there seemed to be a lot “engagements” and consequent “walkies” for the skippers. But that’s part of it, if you haven’t had to recover your boats at some time you haven’t been sailing hard enough. Or so I declare.

The Lasers found the frequent gusts a real handful and until you have put in a few hours with one under lively conditions the boat really hasn’t had time to teach you a lot. Hang in there.

We had about 13 skippers overall so a good turn out, but much lower than I expected. Even though we are miles ahead of most countries there is s till a long way to go. Can you imagine wondering 5 years ago what you’d be doing during  2020?

Hard to realise that just 12 months ago we were blissfully unaware of the impending upheaval.

Seems that days designated as Phantom days are not being patronised very well at all so it looks like the Phannies will only be considered under general sailing. A great pity as they were the dominant model for many years.

It seems like the Focus II has stepped into that slot but until, and if, we get a few more of them they will not be specially featured. As a consequence there will be only the DF95 and 650 days on the calendar, but also a Big Boats  Day on the 3rd Wed. The other one or two will be mixed sailing unless someone wants to see a particular model on, to be sailed with others of course. See Feb Calendar.

Greg and I sailed our schooners under ideal conditions. (CLICK RED > to view video)

Next week I intend to ask the council for an update on the  pontoon proposal. It is now a exact year since we applied for it but thanks to the virus it was not  practical or even possible to do anything much before now.

The water level is much lower, but nothing like we have seen in other years. Hopefully some rain in the next few days, maybe.

We hear that the Eaglehawk Dahlia and Arts Festival has been cancelled.

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