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Wednesday’s DF95 Day sail was well patronized. There were 13 boats as I saw, almost all DF95s, which shows they are still the most popular model

The condition was fast and times very gusty so there were the usual impromptu “meetings”.  It is an inescapable fact that as we age our eyesight not only becomes less acute but also the figuring out as to just how close you can get to that other boat seems to be sometimes a bit less effective. Whatever happens, it does so in our usual “ Ah, waddaya do that for? “or, “I’ll walk around with you and help retrieve them.” And that’s how it ought to be.

I let myself and my 95 down but not using hatch tape up to the conditions of the day. After several hours of sailing, I found that control was off the radar. With Greg’s help, we tried to get his boat to shepherd mine ashore but just when it looked promising, it changes direction, again. I think it was 3.4 hour at est before it was recovered on the far shoreline with just its fore section poking up out of the water.  Usually, such a calamity tends to write-off some or all of the onboard electronics.

I mentioned over lunch that the best approach was to open up the servos and RX and flush them with metho. My hearing not being what it was,  there was some good-natured stirring about that, possibly with “one for the winch, one for Mal” but I’m OK on that.  It’s a well-known remedy for water in the petrol tank.
However, when I got home I found neither servo working and the Rx dead. So I did what I normally would and applied the metho (no, not to me) but even after an hour in the sunny breeze there was nothing from the rudder servo or the RX, but the winch would rotate but only in one direction continuously. It was still on my bench today and so I did some tests again with the same result. However, at one stage it seemed to b working again! And it turned out it just had to be reassembled it the correct way. Bottom line is, always use very sticky hatch tape and if your boat takes on water and stops operating, do what I’m suggesting. Anyone with water affected electronics is welcome to pass them to be for cleaning and testing.

Marg and I are now well accustomed to walking around Weeroona at least once a week and I thought that a photo of OUR pontoon might be of interest. At month’s end, I’ll chase it up and see where the council is at. No, the duck doesn’t come with it.

Neangar is continuing to lose water to evaporation which is seasonal, and expected, The only inflow is from surrounding run-off, there is NO piped water added at all these regardless of what some locals will tell you. Water clarity is about murky-normal but again, this summer so far, no blue-green algae. The electronic wonder is still in place and if your boat venture too far too towards it mounted controller the bulb will get hooked in the underwater cable, happened to me this week.

Turtles are up in force, must be breeding season.

The wooden classic boats are now well familiar to all as Greg, Eric and I work at increasing the Neangar fleet up to 11 models.

Greg is well into his and Eric  (his first build) is past the critical hull assembly stage. Mine is getting there but as it is never a competition either in sailing or building we are happy to have it as a summertime activity at home. There is a lot to be said for having three on the go at the same time, some joint sessions doing some of it together or just helping out with tools and materials. Next blog I’ll include some progress photos on the three cutters.

This year, in most blogs, I’ll feature a few photos from our group from yesteryear, today’s will be of some who have sailed with us in the past but not anymore. If they all still did I expect our current 25 or so would be more than doubled. Can you imagine 40 crowding the foreshore? Stick about the rate of attrition when racing, wouldn’t be a case of “Room at the buoy” rather “ Where the heck IS the buoy??

More from this week’s sailing

Now, next Tuesday 25th  is AUSTRALIA DAY,  so how about we show some Aussie stuff on our boats, and/or skippers? Aren’t we glad to be down here up not over there?

Here’s an  amended calendar


Anyway, don’t let Covid spoil your day, just Sail Away from it all!



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