Christmas Breakup Day 2020

Back a bit it was some doubt if we would ever get to sail it. But we could, and we did.

We had 18 skippers along with a wide range of boats but a bit short of 25 or so if we could have all make it, maybe next year when all this Covid stuff is gone, or so we must hope.


In recent days we have seen NSW shaken out of their easy-going style, much as we are currently enjoying, but we should not become complacent and think it is all over because it isn’t. All we can do is stay on our game and remain safe.


The old-style classics look great out there today with some tinsel cutting down performance but adding that festive touch. A good few of us made an effort to contribute with “enhancements” but were all blown away by Santa.



                                                                              There’s a side to Dane you might not see very often.



The water level is still ok, just. I checked Crusoe yesterday and amazingly, no weed, yet.

Good to see our new skippers getting into the spirit of things.

Usually, I do a Yearbook of what went on during the past 12 months, but since  Covid stuffed us all around for so long I’ll give it a miss this time, but hopefully make up for it next year.

Some real interest in boat stickers today and so I’ll make up a sheet of styles and sizes and will hand them ou tin January.  I prefer to make them just before being applied to t boat as the adhesive loses tack in warm weather otherwise. Will also happily provide sail numbers. All free.

Come February I’ll get in touch with the council and see what’s going on regards to the pontoon. Might need a volunteer or two to “stumble” into the drink while it is amazingly caught on video. Maybe not. But, we WILL get it, in time.

The blog has only been back for a few weeks and it’s time for a break, so, early January and it’ll be back in print.

Don’t know how you’ll spend that time but I have two classic wooden boats on the go that will get close to complete. What then? Always something. Carole C talked me into getting a 3D plastic printer. Should be interesting. Carole salready printed two 650 boats that Russ g\has not only built, but sailed so successfully. Don’t ask for an I.O.M.

My miniature working paddleboat got to sail again today, you can see it towards the end of the video. Strangely enough, there seemed to be none of the usual kids having a look at the boats. Guess that will change once the Christmas shine wears off.

And now for the grand finale.

Best Decorated boat        Greg’s SKYE schooner.        Eric’s ANNA

Best Decorated bloke       These two

Best feature                      Santa          a.k.a Dane


Here’s the video


So, I’d like to wish each and everyone of you a very happy Christmas and safe one.


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4 comments on “Christmas Breakup Day 2020

  1. Seems I missed a fun day.

  2. looks like a hole lot of fun was had sorry i could not make it work comitments on another note i might be selling my FOCUS 2 i have only sailed it twice not sure on price

  3. Thanks Terrence, your comments deserve more response than i would use in Comments. Also I expect most readers overlook the existence of such otherwise there should be more entries. I’ll do an article on this for the next blog and how the 95 came to our shores.. Thanks for bringing it up, hope others see the value of starting something of common interest, even questions. 👍 (I’ll hunt up that photo tonight)

  4. I note your comment about cutting sail numbers.

    My DF65 and DF95 are registered via

    It may be better to use allocated numbers if people feel so inclined. It certainly helps me see the sails better with numbers on both of them.

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