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So, you must know that before lockdown we received a visit from local councillors and a couple of city council officials regarding or need for a safe and practical way to launch and retrieve our boats.  Well, it went well, and they said they would see what could be done. The covid19 came along and we were all “done”. We all thought that was probably it.

Not so, with only a day or so before submissions for Community Fund could be assessed, Eric (who kicked-started all this), and myself (duly appointed spokesperson on the today {mainly because nobody else’s hand was raised} were notified that June 17th was the deadline.

To cut to the outcome, after hours of effort in making up a worthy submission proposal, we finally got it in just hours before the deadline.

Here’s what we are after.


It was and still is, our only feasible option and while it seems like a lot of money, and is, it is already potentially available under a grant for community works.  Whether it has anything to do with the govt’s endeavours to ramp up employment and the economy, probably not,  But for now we are in it.

Be aware that will be for foot traffic only (up to 20), no chairs. But’s that’s Ok.

Needless to say, as soon as we hear anything, you’ll know.

Rest assured, it isn’t our only hope, but it is the current one and we are well placed to be considered.

We must add that the Weeroona Weenip blokes have thrown their support our way which is helpful. They assure us that they only sail Neangar when Weeroona gets weeded out, which is not annually, or even often.

Here is our proposal.  But like I say, just between ourselves.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Pontoon proposal V4″]


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