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.Sail Tails ChannelAll of Gary's videos to date
A2Annie prototype schooner "Tessa 2"
A1Gary's introduces the Annie class Fast Cargo schooner
A56Gary's latest Annie
A1740Short clip on my sail making procedure
E74Anna goes head to head with the mixed fleet on Neangar
E221Maxine going flat chat
E83Nell and Anna lifting their skirts
E310A day on Crusoe with Anna V2.
E106A French Emma
E300A fully refurbished Anna
E287A Swiss Emma debuts
E319An Emma under strong conditions
E276An Irish Emma
E552Bernard's sloop "Penny"
E78Crusoe reservoir with Anna
E81Dramatic weatherproof testing
E481Henk's sloop "Arja"
E357Irander's Emma on a Swiss lake
E425Kernow's action debut Emma
E80Kernow's Emma
E435Kernow's Emma build video
E106Modified sloop Maxine
E190More Aussie Emma match racing
E541More onboard sloop footage
E503Onboard video "Maxine" top sail sloop
E83SloMo study of an Emma fully underway.
E82Sloop Anna maxing out on Neangar
E342The all weather rc sloop Emma
E512The Last Sailing of "Arja"
E454Two Emmas
E350Wild day of Logh Erne
F1875Dual winch system
I1622"Kamanik" 360 video footage
I1563"Kamanik" top sails test
I1654"Kamanik"'s Wild ride
I735Deborah goes head to head with another boat
I289Deborah launch
I312Deborah on Pearl lake
I384Deborah on Stagecoach Lake
I284Deborahwith sails set
I776Jenny struts her Sunny Queensland self.
I1252Kamanik 360 degree viewing
I1281Kamanik 360 Pt 2
I1178Kamanik at large
I1117Kamanik goes on show
I1222Kamanik on Lake Ontario
I1227Kamanik on Ontario Day one
I1235Kamanik on Ontario Day two
I1246Kamanik sailing and launching
I1320Ketty Jay (N.Z.) schooner
I1392Ketty Jay with flying jib
I1025Lorraine at Bessbrook
I790Lorraine in heavy weather
I779Lorraine lights up our day
I1184Lorraine on River Erne
I615Molly G Day one (Crusoe Reservoir)
I869Molly mixes it with other boats
I678Molly stalked by sea serpent.
I1135Steal-Her in action
I1363Tessa & Skye schooners
I1185A colourful Irene, indeed!
I1663A cousin for "Molly G' and "Skye"
I439Bob's onboard video action with 2 slooop jibs
I1616Cb & RobC's schooners first dual onboard videos
I702Deborah with furled foresail
I1257Drone view of Kamanik's venue
I1654Gary's insider on the Bear
I1658Glorious sailing with "Kamanik"
I98Hull interior overview
I145Irene Deck fittings
I1521jradarp's example of a multi-sail boat
I1132Kamanik , fisheye view
I96L'il Rosi. a much scaled down Irene made of foam sheet.
I1392Modified schooner Tessa2 under sail
I1428Modified schooner Tessa in moderate conditions
I628Molly G on Lake Neangar
I16310More 360 settings
I1728More Aussie schooners on a joint video exercise
I1693More on the retracting keel
I1587Pete's bench test of the adjustable keel setup
I270Sail stitching
I198Sail winch operation
I80Schooner "Lorraine"
I1354Schooner Irein
I1475Tessa 2 in heavy going
I1339Visual explanation of multi-sail theory
IF1821Showcase of schooners
O760About stainless steel
O27another 1:1 sprit rigger
O189Behind the scenes at Bearospace
O926Camera positioning
O1200Classic 1:1 schooner Atlanta
O113Columbia - 141’ Racing/Fishing Schooner Yacht - Construction to Sea Trials
O480Comparing two onboard fitted video brands
O634D.I.Y. blocks
O190Gary recites his favourite schooner poem
O632Gary's home , Sparkle TV star !
O1830Gary's rudder build
O1857Gary's Sail Control
O554Janusz's Paperclip.
O1716Join Zip on the schooner "Lewis R French"
O598Laser cutting of plywood
O1509Noah, where art thou??
O838Olympia 1:1 schooner
O1311Other videos on lead casting
O80Pinky schooner 1:1
O26Sprit rigged pointy ender 1:1
O597Video camera testing
O1502Water, water, everywhere
O1500Zip's springtime thaw
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