Who we are

For 7 years we sailed on Crusoe as it was really ideal in most aspects. However during mid summer 2016 the weed spread at such a rate that around mid-Feb we could no longer sail due to weed fouling the boats keel and rudder.Over the next year or so we came to use three lakes, Crusoe, Neangar and Tom Thumb..

Here’s a brief note of how things progressed, and why.

  • Crusoe Reservoir.     It’s where it all began for me in 2009 and where we have sailed mostly in the 7 years hence. Only sailable during winter due to drifting weed.
  • Lake Tom Thumb. TT as we call it came about as a necessary alternative to Crusoe early in 2016.  Early2108, water level too low
  • Lake Neangar. Current venue (2017-2018) We may never have sailed TT if Neangar had enough water early 2016.
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If you are not familiar with our group I should explain that we are simply a bunch of folk who meet twice weekly, all year around to participate in friendly, extremely open competition. Some of us are very regular, others as they find the time and inclination, either is fine  as far as we are concerned.here are very few rules and no one to enforce them, we let common sense prevail.  We have no structure whatsoever and only this personal blog of mine to keep everyone up with what is going on, as I see it.

To join in you just rock up and take part. If you don’t have a boat yet and would like some advice, just ask anyone. We look on our activity as a kind of outdoors men’s shed, but ladies too

The couple of days of unusual  rainfall experienced  pretty well everywhere it seems, also delivered us a bonus, Lake Neangar filled for the first time for 2016. Immediately it seemed we had a best of the bunch spot just begging to be sailed on. So we have. We never know for sure from one season to the next where we might wet the keels but you can read all about in the bi-weekly Blog


If you would like to see a Google Map of the three venues around Bendigo  just click VENUES MAP     4592


 Last updated March 13th 2017