Until Sept 2016 this body of water was left too shallow for us to sail on. Early spring rains had other ideas and so we made the change on Wednesdays to sail at Neangar rather than Tom Thumb.

Neangar is a proper facilitated park with toilets and at least two electric (free) BBQ.s. It also has a sizable pavilion over the BBQ and tables just behind the boardwalk. The shelter is invaluable when sudden showers come along and ideal as shade throughout summer.

Car parking is very close, almost behind the BBQ pavilion which does away with having to tote boats and support paraphernalia a fair way as with Crusoe and Tom Thumb.

So far it has provided some excellent  sailing conditions since it is more or less exposed with buildings a good way off and only a larger tree nicely spaced to permit unrestricted winds and yet afford some additional shade during summer.

Some great sailing days were conducted during the end of 2016 and into 2017. March 15th 2017 saw us leave Neangar and it’s insufficient water depth and back to Tom Thumb which has cleared itself of blue green summer algae.

Here’s a slideshow of the best of Neangar, Season one 2016 -2017 which clearly shows th eappeal of this venue and the delight of it’s participants.


Last updated  March 12th 2017