Back to normal, as far as it goes

We had 16 skippers today with a good mixture of Phantoms and the likes.

Greg and Eric brought along their sloops which made a distinctive trio of lookalikes with mine. Anyone interested in how these are made, what you need, and how to get started, ask any of us.


Laurie brought along his latest megaproject, a Trimaran (Ok Laurie, I get that right ?) and in this mornings moderate breeze it certainly lifted it skirt/outer hulls.  A pity it was taken out by another (Phantom, he who stalks) so it was walkies, again, for the hapless duo.

The new boat seemed to think it is a mother hen


The lake continues to drop its level and it won’t be long before the beach reappears.

Seems like the council is leaving the trunk of the old gum tree which is good, as it does provide some shade for up to 3 skippers, albeit a mobile one.

Interesting to see that the summer umbrellas have burgeoned into the posh style now, no more flimsies as we had at Crusoe. Recall seeing Brian’s red and yellow one cartwheeling its way out across the water one windy summer day.

Somebody vandalised the small gumtree aft of the boardwalk. There will always be mindless idiots, I guess. Maybe the council will place a Men’s toilet there. Maybe not.

Next Wednesday is our Christmas breakup Day when we don’t actually break anything, /but what has become a tradition is some decoration of boats and skippers and as many staying around for an informal lunch and a few photos. Come along and help put 2020 behind us with some festive fun.

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I’d like to see Dane come along as Santa once again, complete with bubbly (as I recall). Maybe not kosher for Neangar anymore.

I’ve been asked to include a suggestion that those who manage the informal  racing keep an eye out for those that haven’t finished, before starting another. I know it is not easy but? I’m sure the cry still goes out (Everybody ready?” If you are still coming and you don’t reply, race over for you.

Having been absent from Neangar these past 4 months or so I notice some skipper about.  If they would like to come up to me and let me know their name (Brian and Richard can indicate who I am) I can mention it in the blog if it is appropriate. I should point out once again that we are not a club, never was, never will be, but officially known to the Bendigo council as Neangar RC sailboats and are designated a “Community Group”. It doesn’t make us anything else but a collection of individuals meeting regularly at the same place and time and doing the same thing, all without any sanitation at all. the blog is not our newsletter, just my record of what I’ve seen and what you might be interested to read. The only authority we have is common sense. The more established d we become as part of the local social scene the more likely are the parks people inclined to do things for us.

If anyone would like some Neangar RC Sailboats or Neangar RC Racing stickers I am happy to supply them for free, all you need to do is ask.

Since there are a couple of Focus models now among us and I know of interest by others, I have asked hobby Warehouse can they indicate when they might have stock. There is nothing wrong with a Phantom, if you have one, look after it.

Here’s in the New Year Calendar and hope it ushers in a covid-free one for everyone, everywhere. Until the rest of the world gets it right we aren’t totally off the hook.

So, keep in mind that we need a big rollup with the Christmas Day Sailing  next Wednesday. Decorations are optional.


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One comment on “Back to normal, as far as it goes

  1. Once again a great blog. Love reading what’s happening.
    Seeing as how this is the last one I shall be able to read this year, I will take this opportunity to wish you and your family, the gang at Neanger all the best for Christmas and the New Year. Mal please pass on my best wishes to everyone.

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