The fleet is back together again..

Going to be a hot summer   📍

More so with the passing of the last surviving large gum tree near the boardwalk. Something took it out, dead as a DoDo. And after today, a mere shadow of its former glory.

The boardwalk and a lot of the lake frontage to the right of it were cordoned off and upon the high crane were two fearless council guys, tasked with reducing that tree to firewood.

As it was it didn’t provide much shade and what it did was of the trunk, mainly. Too much to hope they’ll erect a shelter shed for us since the pontoon seems lost in the works. But more on that later.






So today’s sailing was mainly from the innards of the “beak”. Not all that bad, frankly, but served its purpose.

The breeze was well and truly UP until towards midday when it eased off.

We had about 15-16 skippers and a lot of 95s, so it seems the blog calendar does have its uses. Thanks for coming and especially thanks for those who left a comment last week, much appreciated.


Greg and I brought along our Cargo schooners and going by the many favourable comments, they were indeed welcome.

Greg’s “Vera” was new to all but Barry and I and in today’s bright sunshine gave every impression she is a classic. If anyone would like to skipper any of these boats for a lap or so please let us know as the experience will be an eye-opener and might help understand why we are so smitten with them. They are invincible so you won’t have that concern. They handle quite differently and easy to operate.

As might be expected, the water level will be, and is, droping rapidly so it won’t be long, unless we get good rains, will be paddle time for some of us.  Will this even be spared?

I think Barry mentioned some time back that Richard was approached by the Eaglehawk Dahlia Festival to request that we, as a now notable and very interesting frequent activity on the lake, do so on one of the days of the 2021 festival.  To help him out I’ve volunteered to be his helper and use the blog to keep everyone informed, and hopefully, get a good number along. More on that as we go.

Please keep in mind that as tradition now has it, we will celebrate Christmas and or welcome exit from restrictions on Dec 23rd with our Christmas gala sailing day.

I don’t know about everyone’s thought on this matter, but I think its time that we, as a community group (never call us a club, please) do a few things to both help others get into sailing and also to raise our image in the general community. Our aim of securing a floating access pontoon only got going (I was going to say “afloat” ) because of that and it can only be productive in the long term for everyone. I’ll bring this up later but when Senior week rocks around in 2021 (had in mind this year but you know why it wasn’t possible) to come up with something aimed at getting some of our generations onto the sticks. Again, something to think about.

So far I’ve had only one enquiry about Boats for Sale but bear in mind it can be anything to do with our boats, radios, receivers, batteries, sails, hulls etc.

I’ve had a couple of skippers asking to go on the blog notification list.  It is up to you if you are OK to just check the site every so often to see if anything new has gone up, but unlike earlier editions, the upcoming will not be as regular and will depend on when there is enough content. There will not be one next week since I’m looking at doing some sailing down Warrnambool way in future and will see what is available.

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3 comments on “The fleet is back together again..

  1. The greatest compliment we can pay Mal for all his hard work is to make the effort and show up when we can. We are blessed to have what we have because of Mal’s and others dedication and commitment for all our benefit.

  2. Thank you Mal. Your blogs are always interesting and of course much anticipated whenever you feel inspired.

    The past two weeks have been fabulous days on the water and it is doubly pleasing to see you and Greg back at Neangar. With a good number of the same boats like Wednesday the skill level and adherence to rules is greatly enhanced and that certainly adds a lot to the experience.

    I am grateful that you introduced me to the group and my RC sailing is becoming the most interesting part of the week. All who sail are certainly fortunate to have both good competition and such camaraderie.I am sure that whilst we all appreciate the glue that holds the group together, we seldom express appreciation for your binding influence.

    You are a star!

  3. The Schooners are fabulous Craftsman built and sail beautifully
    Congrats Mal and Greg

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