Back to (near) normal

Back to (near) normal

With outside groups of up to 50 and masks almost a thing of the past (except where social distancing is not possible), today was delivered with a warm, sunny but cooling breeze. With 14 skippers afoot it was more like pre-COVID-19 times. My records show that we have had 21 skippers on two occasions only to date. The way things are looking, and with the grace of a mild temperature day, maybe we can better that.

A good mixture of boats and breeze that went often from none, to sporty.

The water level is down about 20% and the usual ginger beer-like tint, but overall, very sailable.

Greg, Eric and I have spent the recent few lock-down months sailing of large wooden classics on Crusoe reservoir. Oddly enough the expected early summer weed has yet to emerge but we figured it was a good time to return to Neangar and the mob.

Great to meet our latest skipper, good to have you aboard Michael!

I greatly appreciated Terence placing his life on the line for me.

Louis was not impressed.

Greg has added a Fast Cargo schooner to his fleet and will be debuting at Neangar as soon as we get a windy Wednesday, possibly next week. My oversize schooner is now 13 months in the making but will have to wait a while longer as we three “Woodies” are each building the latest design, a British Gaff rigged Cutter.

 When these are on the water we will have 12 plywood sailboats between us from this designer.

Weather Outlook

Compared to this last couple of weeks it looks like we should get good winds on most days, at least over the next week anyway. Just my take on the forecasts.

In regards to the pontoon project, I see no point pursuing this with the council until after new year but will be so for sure early February if they haven’t already reported on it. The pontoon, as it is, is still moored at Lake Weeroona.


In case you are still dazed by roadmaps, steps and lock-down etc, Christmas is still alive and well and we shall therefore endeavor to put on a bit of a traditional showing Wednesday, Dec 23rd. More on that soon.

It’s good to be back “blogging” again and after the long layoff, it should be on general interest once again. Even so, as it becomes more of a challenge to include new topics, reports and photos, I anticipate just producing it fortnightly rather than weekly. See how it goes.


I’ll be introducing a possible way to advertise that certain boats are for a sail, but only during the school holiday weeks.

More about that soon.


In the period since the last blog appeared regularly, I have had to change my emailing app and as a result, some who received email notices of each new blog may no longer do so. Sorry about that.  Regardless, and since the blog production may not be always sticking to the schedule, anyone who would like to go on that list is most welcome. Just put your name and email address on a piece of paper and give to me or Brian and I’ll add it. Don’t worry about security, I do all of it and forget a fair bit anyway. The other way is just to add a comment here, I’ll process it straight away
(nobody else sees it anyway). But is it necessary? No, not at all, but will mean something to the editor. If on the other hand, you receive a notification and no longer wish to, just reply to it and I’ll remove your name. sometimes I only have the email address, and you must be aware, some of those give little clue as to from whom. Fair enough, too.

It seems that the weekly calendar is good to go once again and bearing in mind that what it says is just a guideline if you want to sail a certain boat against others like it. But even so, as always, you are welcome to sail anything. Only the DF95 will have it’s “own” slot with the DF65 mixing in with any other of it size. e.g. Affinity, hence  the “650s”   😎

Stay Safe…  👍


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10 comments on “Back to (near) normal

  1. Excellent reportage Mal !! Great pics also !

  2. Great to have the blog back, and hopefully the big classics back where we can see them! Who do I contact to have a talk about about building Annie? We need to race beautiful classics…

    • You can catch up with Greg and/or me at Neangar sometime. we were both there yesterday. I’ll be there with a Bear boat Wednesday week. (15th). We’ll show you everything and you can have a sail of one or the other, for sure.

      • Unfortunately I never got the chance to take you up on your offer. I bought the plans for Annie and they arrived within 3 hours! So now I will get them printed and begin building after Christmas, aiming at a completion date in earlyMarch. Cheers and Happy Xmas, Cam.

  3. Great to have you back, I am now in a position to reveal what is going on up here.
    We will be back, around September. I can’t go into all the nitty gritty’s but lets just say things didn’t work out as planned.

    • Thanks, Roy.
      Sorry to hear you didn’t find paradise up there but it can happen.
      We should be OK down here from now on but twice bitten, thrice careful.
      But property prices going thru the roof! (Melburnites leaving the Sticks for an easier lifestyle. )🐱‍🚀

  4. Appreciated a great deal Mal. Thanks for your effort. Great photos as well as the up to date information.
    Stay well, Graeme P

  5. excellent blog. keep up the good work

  6. Good to have you back with the blog Mal

    • Thanks mate.. It is good to be back, and being able towards getting the blog up is a bonus, it is something I enjoy doing, just need to know it is appreciated and useful.

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