On the road again

Roadmap, that is. As soon as restrictions are eased enough the blog will back. We’ll know, come Sunday. When it does it will become fortnightly rather than weekly. The reason is simple, even before Covid it had become difficult to get enough variation to make each edition worthwhile, for me to do and you to find interesting enough to read.

I know very little about recent sailing at Neangar other than a few boats have changed hands and/or found new owners. I’ll get the Trading post going again and see if it helps move some along.

Thanks once again for Carole C doing her bit and giving a report for today along with some lively photos.

Carole says

Today’s sailing on Lake Neangar was very slow due to the lack of breeze. With Thirteen Sailors and a mixture of boats. There were some Phantoms on the water early, but soon a mixture of boats. A few rescues today,  my 95 rudder stopped working and Barry and Russell brought it back home.Thank You. I then launched my new Nano 500, which I  had 3d printed through the lock down, Russell put it together for me. Later Barry and Richard had a meeting on the water and spent time getting their boats to shore and untangling them.  Regards to all,  Carole


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