Hangin’ in there a little bit longer

No saying when we’ll be back to 20’s but it can’t be far off.

With the max of 10 there today business as usual, albeit with just the dedicated gang.

Greg, Eric and I have stuck to Crusoe since early Sept when the second wave took hold.and numbers were reduced, but that’s been Ok for us as we have had some great days by choosing the better day of the week (even when restricted to just to 2 of us) to sail of big classic wooden boats. Barry came along recently with his Liberty.


Carole C sent me these photos from today and a few words to accompany it. Thanks, Carole, glad to see someone is keen to keep things going blogwise.. (you too, Bazz)

I just processed all 17 of them into a simple short movie, so sit back and enjoy.

Carole says “

I took the camera today and put some photos together for a Blog.

Charlie has two boats for sale. DF 65 as in photo $180.00, and if needed controls for $50.00 extra.

Affinity which he is selling for $150.00 and has controls for $50.00.

Russell and I are selling the Sailors No 44 $180.00 and Pink Lady $150.00.

You can alter your register because I have acquired a DF95.

The wind today was not the best with some gusts and changing winds, but I think everybody was enjoying the nice sunshine and freedom.  There were eight DF95’s and two Sailors, sailing. Several close encounters especially at the bouys.  We launched the big boat 001 on Monday there wasn’t much wind but Russell was pleased it floated and didn’t leak. It will be interesting to see how it goes in heavier conditions.  We have a little mascot who comes every Wednesday.

Dahlia and Arts have asked the Sailers if they will sail over the Dahlia and Arts weekend next year as they said the boats looked great on the water. Richard spoke to them and is the rep for us with all info.

Thanks Carole, you have done it well. I gave up on the Register due to lack of interest/support. Looks like the fleet is being sold off!

A recent video on Crusoe. See if you can spot the new boat.

It will be only weeks away before the weed returns and that will be it for Crusoe. After that and numbers are more allowable we’ll be back, but having gotten used to picking the best  wind/sun day of the week, we hope it will be mostly Wednesdays.

Regards to all



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