Here we go, again..

Or should that be.. Don’t Go ?

With our Ace reporter (movie star last week)  on the job yesterday (thanks Bazz)  who has sent in a brief report of what was the last group sailing for at least 6 weeks.
He says there were 8 skippers and the wind kept them on their toes. At one stage there were 7 DF95s out on the water and one Focus. Laurie had two of his modified catamarans which kept going RRRsOva which kept him busy using a fishing rod to retrieve them. He casts a line like he tells a good yarn, spot on.


After lunch we had three 95’s with rudder trouble, Richard was on his third servo (which one? ) and Frank had a broken mast at the foot while retrieving his craft.

All things considered, and weeks ahead of only being able to think about it, we did have a great day.
Recently while sailing with Greg at Crusoe my schooner, Molly G, stuck her nose into someone else’s business. T





If I can find enough articles etc to make up a blog of sorts every fortnight or so, I will If not then hopefully we’ll be allowed back to where we were a couple of days ago. If anyone can add anything (not copyrighted) it would help. But, no excuse for not having your boats  in top condition come, whenever.


Hard to know what may transpire with the council and the pontoon, but it has been tidied up a bit at Weeroona. If I’m told anything, I’ll tell you.


Thankfully, that despite of loss of some things we like to do we are much better off than all those poor Melbournians who have been doing their best to conform. I hope you all manage OK and that we’ll be face to face again in time, possibly still masked, but.












Those of you who sailed Crusoe in those years before we moved to Neangar will recall that when they put the floating pontoon out on the course it was always a chance that some boat would eventually get stuck on it. As far as I recall, none did.

However.. Watch this video through, especially the last half, and you’ll see what I mean. Had we not taken drastic action (poor Molly) she may have spent the night out there.

Thing is, do I replace the sprit with a high tensile version, or stick with the replaceable. ?

No calendar this time, sorry  .


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