We were all there in spirit

Wednesday saw a couple of our skippers do us proud for a Channel 9 news segment.

While numbers on the various days remain below the 10 there is still a strong following by those who make the effort.

While some of us are spreading our sails a bit wider rather than compete for a spot in 10, we hope it isn’t too long before we are back to at least 20’s.

While travel restrictions prevent Roy & Marg getting down here they at least send this pic of where they can sail. No need for another pontoon here!


Big Jim sends his regards from Gippsland and hopes sometime soon to come and visit.

Because it is actual fact, it is important that our get-togethers are referred to as a Community Group, not a club. This has always been so and in regards to our hope of getting access to a suitable pontoon, definitely continues so.

The calendar is simply my suggestion of what boats will be there on a certain day based on historical records. It’s a guide, that’s all.

A couple of videos from this weeks Crusoe outing, only the two of us this time, but great conditions.

We only sail on the best breeze day  of the current week , for the interim.


Those of you that sailed Crusoe back before Neangar and tom Thumb will surely recall the effort it takes up there to get the gear to and from the carpark. I thought that there had to be a simple way to put some scrap pieces together and make it easier.

Presenting   The Jinker.

It won’t be needed at Neangar, of course.




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