Still under sail

Back again, sort of.

While I haven’t been to Neangar since the reduction of group limits was reimposed I have asked around and learned that up to 9 or so skippers are attending the Wednesday sailings. This means that others are keeping their distance and not overtaxing the limit, so that is pleasing. Seems a similar turnout for the Monday sessions. Regrettably, no one has sent me any photos from Neangar so all I have are these Crusoe ones.


On a brighter note, I can report, as your so-called “spokesperson” to the City Council, that our proposal to acquire a launch/retrieval facility has reached the next stage. The council advises that our submission has been accepted “in principle” but that although the Weeroona pontoon has been acquired it needs some careful investigation to fit it into the Neangar scene and properly provide for the needs we have. There are crucial considerations needed to be addressed in terms of security such as the boardwalk received as well as the existing pontoon will require a fair bit of modification.a budge of $4000 has been allocated to undertake this investigation. So that in itself indicates their intent to try to accommodate the project fully. I’ll keep you informed on developments.

Some of us, those who muck around with wooden boats, that is, have sailed a couple of times on Crusoe. Conditions are the best seen for a few years and access, near the jetty/pontoon, is OK with gumboots.  Some ribbon weed is floating about but mainly held against the shoreline, and so not a problem.

Greg has debuted his latest plywood build, the Fast Schooner “Vera”. (Any resemblance in name to the TV series is purely intentional, he says!) As with all of Greg’s plywoods she stands out proudly on the water and sails like a real thoroughbred.

Here’s the maiden sail a fortnight ago.

And today’s highlights.

My new schooner “Diana” is starting towards completion but it has taken far longer than I anticipated.

Today we sailed Crusoe with Barry’s wooden racer.. The breeze was uninspiring, we hope to get some heady stuff next time. Was Ok but not great with just a fair breeze, rather than the heavier stuff we prefer. Eric came along with his sloop Anna which was better suited to that breeze..

Here’s a calendar for August, hopefully still allowable then.

Today’s figures are far from heartening.

It does seem more than likely that at best, the current rural restrictions will remain for a good while yet, at worst, well, been there, done that, but hopefully not.

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2 comments on “Still under sail

  1. Don’t worry about that. The council has visited us doing what we do several times and all the councillors of the local ward spoke with those of us there, on the day. and they understand fully that we are, as you say, “a like-minded informal group that gather simply sail our own boats together. Basically not unlike fisherman. The funding is through an annual community grant that they receive and our proposal, on their recommendation, was as a Community Group. They have “agreed in principle” and allocated $4000 to ascertain the manner in which it may be achieved with the funding they have. Note “may”.
    Be good to see you again.

  2. Hi All
    Just been reading the blog. I am hoping that the submission to council about the boardwalk etc has not been in writing. Because dont forget this is not a club it is a meeting of like minded enthuisiasts. The manner of applying for this should be given some thought as to liability of those that go sailing. It should be detailed and explained to the council as a public asset for the use of all persons who may like to engage in activities by the water. Sounds like a worthwhile addition to the sailing scene. Hope to come up and sail with you all soon.
    From Jim Clarkson in Paynesville

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