One step backwards

Following the shock announcement of some CoVid regulation reversals, we all need to comply with the return to a maximum of 10 participants only.

This is in place at least until at least July 6th (and enforced more so than of recent times, we are warned) so if and when you plan to sail be prepared to comply.

Some of us will avoid the more popular Wednesday get together and either choose another day, or even another place until things get back to at least 20 max.

Be aware that the last three Wednesdays had an average of 15 at each,

For me, I will find other days and/or places to sail and will aim to get the blog out sometimes just to show that things are not all that bad.

I will welcome some report, either verbal or by email from anyone attending either the Monday or Wednesday Neangar sailings for the benefit of us all. Photos would be most welcome, as always. Even photos of boats you are working on will be of interest to all.

So, if you need some help on doing that, or if you would like to go on the existing blog email notification list, simply use this contact memo to leave a message and I’ll get back to you.  And be assured, nobody else sees it.

We’ll get there

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