Well on the way to recovery

With 15 skippers (and one little doggie) along for the morning, it was a beautiful sunny day with reasonable breezes right up until midday, then the breeze presumably knocked off for lunch, or something. Hopefully, come back again for those who stayed on.

Barry and Richard have done a grand job in designing, building and placing the new marker buoys. To be known forthwith as the “Dalek” model. The birds are giving them a hasty avoidance. Probably see them as a cooking appliance (Neangar duck?)

Being 650 day there were a good number of those and did they look a real picture.


Not this one though..

Try as I may have to get skippers to individualize their boats with some colour it seems a lost cause for some reason. But not for one of us. Charlie spent isolation honing up his sailmaking skills and what a grand job he has done of it. He used lightweight spinnaker ripstop and doubled-side tape for most of it. Anyone interested in putting a bit of colour on their boat should have a yarn with Charlie. Although DF’s are relatively new, colourful ripstop sails have been with us for years, in the past.

Brian has also gone in for some more distinctive appearance nowadays, well-done mate,  I’ll have to try a bit harder myself. Hans seemed to be rather impressed anyway.

Speaking of which, I know of several boats that owners are keen to move on and as a consequence, I will run a special blog section to help get new owners, and maybe even new skippers (no, the old skippers are NOT for sale, just their boat..)

I’ve traded boats over the years and if they stay in the group, good and well, otherwise they often get someone to take on sailing.

To place an entry I need at least one photo (one each of full view and deck area is good for selling) and an asking price. I won’t publish contact numbers, just the owners first name. Anyone wanting to contact the owner should email me and I’ll pass it on. Why the secrecy you may well ask?, Cautious bloggers don’t compromise personal security on public sites.

Next Wednesday is Phantom Day.  but bring whatever. The calendar is currently still under lock-down, back soon





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