Back on course

With 16 boats here during the day the trend of recovery as lock-down eases off is very evident.

There is plenty of room to self-distance and a glance around at any time indicates that we are all doing it anyway.

Mostly 95s it didn’t have a great deal of wind to make it something but except for occasional hanging about it was generally good sailing.

The big surprise of the day was for Russell bringing along his new acquired, near new, DF95. We’ve all heard him say he would never have one..etc.. but he explains that he just felt they are too expensive, and maybe he is right. One wonders how long it will remain stock standard, I can almost see a curvaceous boom going on at some time, and maybe a new colour hull job. Time will tell.


Next Wednesday is  looking like 650s  so we should see a great turn out of the smaller craft.


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Total Page Visits: 684

4 comments on “Back on course

  1. I was mortified to have left my controller at home and was very grateful that Richard helped get me on the water. It is embarrassing to not have any controllers with me and he brought two! Thank you.

  2. Wish I knew what it was that I said that ruined your day. Can’t see or recall anything.
    However, always looking out for a “scoop”

  3. Not happy Mal !!!!!
    You have made public my secret project for the next Covid lockdown.
    Cheers Laurie

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