Almost back to normal, hey?

Well, almost, just that “distancing” thingie, which was not a problem even with 16 participating, throughout the day.

As we knew, the lake is full and launching was as good as it gets off the boardwalk. The clarity is not as good as I had hoped but probably needs the rest of winter to settle out a bit.

More people about now, and littlies on the playground, but nothing like the pre-corona shutdown days.

Being a Big Boat Day we certainly had a variety.

The Plywood Boys sailed their sloops. Although all same basic construction they are certainly individuals when romping along together. Both Greg and I are getting closer to debuting our new ones. Again, same basic design but with obvious variations. although we are racking up a good few builds there is always something new to come up with. The Lock down also Slowed us down which could well be for the better.

Barry has his timber hull Liberty along and it was moving about at a great rate of knots when the wind was up. It’s the one with the blue jib.



 Eric has done some downtime updating with custom life preservers and new windows. He is already considering further enhancements (aren’t we all?)

I rigged two separate video cameras to see how well they capture the action. It is good to be able to produce sailing videos again, will they ever stop?

Next Wednesday is likely to be an ever-popular DF95 day. If you have one, bring it along. If you don’t have one, bring anything.

Roy is going to send us some photos from up north. He says.



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