Monday sailing

I don’t usually do a Monday blog because I only sail Wednesdays. However, I did offer to do a blog should any kind soul send me some photos and enough of a report to make it informative.

So, here it is. Lots of gratitude and thanks to Carole C for doing this.

Carole reports.

Hi Mal, I took the camera today if you want to do a write up of sailing. There were ten sailors and a variety of boats.


To start today there was a wind of about 20 mph which was good and a few stronger gusts, these caused a few non-distancing boats, as you will see by the photos. 

First was the laser went aground on the island I think it wanted to hide behind the bushes. 

Hans went to help the 95 and got stuck on the island. Russell and Rob joined their boats together for a while, eventually, they came apart. Russell changed to the 65 and the battery went flat as Russell ran out of boats.

The breeze started to drop off just before lunch so we came home. No 16 Barry’s Boat with the snazzy hull.


Regards Carole.



It seems as soon as the Premier read our last blog he took pity and set the date for groups of up to 20. I think once we fielded 23 but not in recent times.


Therefore I think it reasonable to make Wednesday, June 3rd our formal (?) return to weekly Wednesday sailing, as well as the two other days for those so inclined.


For those of us who may still feel a bit concerned about optimum distancing, Neangar has plenty of spacious shoreline and anyone will be welcome to join me after a boardwalk launch, a bit to the right of the Old Gum Tree, to make two groups, after a fashion. I’ll be back and rarin’ to go on the 3rd.


Here’s the most recent comment. I hope at least to get a few more if only because the Blog deserves some variety.

Jim Clarkson
Hi all at Bendigo
Did you no that Dragon 65 and 95 keel bulbs are made from pewter. Which is 85 to 90% tin. This is because markets like USA you cannot sell lead products to minors. Did you notice that when I raced at Bendigo my keel bulbs were only 75% in area to yours. Ah Ah that was because my keel bulbs were lead. Dont worry though because now we use uranium as suggested by that sneaky fellow Brian Deason. Yes uranium is heaveir than lead. Trouble is it glows in the dark. 3D printed radio yachts. This site has STL file downloads for 3d printed keel bulb shells. You then fill these with lead shot and epoxy mix. You can increase size of print to suit in a program like Cura (use increase scale)



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