Sailing resumes

Under strict group limits and universal distancing regulations.

I’m told that there have been groups of less than 10  daily sailing over the past fortnight at Neangar which is great to hear about even though not everyone might feel the need to come back as yet.

I will wait until STEP  2 level restrictions come into force when outdoor groups will be raised to 20 persons maximum. A bit hard to say when, as there is so much information online it is not that clear. We won’t know until May 30th when the  State Premier will make an official announcement.

Clearly,  that with all the rain we have been getting the lake will be overflowing and the water clearer than ever before. We’ll see.

Here are a few photos from Barry and Greg on how their new boats are progressing. Mine is VERY slowly getting there as for once I’m being very casual about it.

The blog is usually only published following my getting there as well (make sense unless someone provides a report (with photos if possible).

I now have obtained a couple of Hitec winches as the B1226 I’ve always managed to keep a few of are no longer available. They are $68 each(boxed). You may find them a bit cheaper online but be careful that they are Australian sellers.

As many of you know,  I do tend to have some of most things that we use (not DF65 or 95 though) so if I can help, let me know.



Well done Baz,  although it looks like it may have had a few early contacts? [sce emoji=”shock”/] (Just kidding)


Greg is doing a very impressive build indeed.  [sce emoji=”trophy”/]






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