What we are doing with ourselves these days

Well, thanks to those who have responded positively, we are now into our second edition  of the Lockdown Blog.

Mind you, it is easy just to think “Ah, I’ll do it tomorrow” But time wasted, regardless of reason, is time lost.

Read what some of our mates have said this week or so

Last week Dane said he visited Neangar and Tom Thumb for approved exercising and wishes to say the lake is nearly full. By the time we get back there to sail it should be running over.  (Update.. with 28 ml two nights ago, it will be close to it). Like Hans, they have been putting in some serious pedal-time.

He posts these photos. And says “Lake Neangar. What a sight, beautiful breeze and not a boat in sight. When can we all start sailing again, I’m missing all those friendly faces!!!!!

Hans also sent one taken a couple of months before lock down. Who would be so keen as to sail in the rain? See what else he has said in his Comment below

Greg has provided some  welcome content and here is what he said

It’s Greg here locked up in my workshop working on my latest plywood project (VERA) which is another Bearospace Fast Schooner, similar to Mal’s latest construction, just not quite as large. So I thought I would contribute a few words to Mal’s Blog / Digest with a couple of photos to show progress. Basically, I have the bulk of it all complete and just adding final paint colours and gloss varnish to all of the spars. Over the next few weeks, as I am sure I will still be locked down, I will take to the trusty sewing machine and produce a set of sails, Colour still to be determined.

Apart from that, I am stuck until I can catch up with my 2 good mates Dane for my promised lead allocation and Russell for the keel bulb pouring expertise. I am sure we will all be able to catch up soon.

So everyone keep safe and we will convene at the Lake when it’s all over.


Spotted early this year on Laanecoorie weir (Pre-lock-down time)

Good one Crossbones, Gary will be VERY interested in that!

Eric tells us …. I’ve done a few things to Anna, maybe tomorrow when the sun is out, if it comes out, I’ll take some photos and send them to you. The changes are cosmetic really, touch up of the paint here and there and bit of a polish. I was wondering do you remember what’s the name of the green hull paint you used?


Charlie bought up a heap of  Dragon bits before lock down as he had in mind to build up a hull or two.

Terence and Louie (his canine companion)

Really missing everyone at Neangar and sailing.

Have painted my fences, organised sheds collected firewood from Carapooee and planted 12 new trees including two (already autumnal) maples either side of the house.

Worst loss, of course, is that my DF65 was ready to go for her first sail on the day it became not possible.

The good news is that we will forget all of the inconvenience once the restrictions are lifted, and we are not sick or dead because of them.

You can see that he is showing his sail numbers as most of us do.

Bazza is getting right into the “Build, not doze” theme of things with his whizzbang lightweight I.O.M. Bench build.

Baz advises us..

“Just taken the boat off the formers this morning, weight 466 grams “

Also heard from “Big” Jim  (down Gippsland lakes way) from a YouTube comment. He passes on his regards to all.

And yours truly has finally got up off the carpet and back into his somewhat belated schooner build.

The keel is just completed.. at 7.6 kg it is a handful to tote around.


Lined up against its sister boat keels.

My thanks to Dane for donating the lead  [sce emoji=”nod”/], it’s hard to find that much anywhere these days.  [sce emoji=”praying”/]

Although every blog issue shows Comments added by various group members, they are more often than not overlooked as they only appear at the very bottom of the following blog. To be fair, it is important that everyone at least knows they are there to be read.

We had a great response for the first Special Isolation Times  Blog as follows.  CLICK HERE

STOP PRESS  That somewhat surprising 28 ml of rain the other night will have pushed Neangar to near full, it not completely so    [url=https://postimages.org/][img]https://i.postimg.cc/k5c0htYg/thumb-smiley-2-thumbs-up.png[/img][/url]


And what has become an almost daily feature, from someone or the other.




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9 comments on “What we are doing with ourselves these days

  1. Anyone got a suggestion? Need to replace a phantom style sail winch servo in an old Legend. Batan 1226 very hard to find. Is there a substitute by Turnigy or other source. Hitech seem pretty pricey for a job like this.

    • I did talk about this some time back, said that the only option is Hitec nowadays. Turnigy have nothing compatible, nor has anyone else, ever. The EXI brand I’ve been importing has dried right up and being Chinese, unlikely to ever come back given so few kit boats using such..Batan is not a reliable replacement until even if you can find one (they crop up occasionally, but I wonder if they are a one-off ‘returned” item.) eBay has several Aussie Hitec listings, the cheapest may be around $65 delivered. Don’t buy outside of Oz unless you are in no great hurry.

    • Hi
      If you have the time to wait try Bangood from China. Ultra 5kg,cm 4 turns $14.56 or %29 off if you buy 2. Freight $4.25. I have been using these winches for many years now, and have never had one fail. Even with all plastic gears they will be okay even in a big Marblehead. These winches are actually made by Kingmax and rebranded. They are also available in 6 turns but both have the same pull. As far as speed goes dont be fooled, a fast winch can cause a stall in a turn around the boys. So keep away from rmg. Then you have Hitec their genius electonic guys have done away with the three coloured wires going to the circuit board from the tiny trimpot. Now the trimpot is soldered directly to the board with tiny 1mm circuit pads that pop off with vibration on planes and hot and cold on boats. These cannot be repaired as other components are to close to solder. Jim Clarkson Paynesville

  2. hope everyone is safe cant wait to hit the water my sail maker in the uk is making sails for df65 for the NHS to help with mask and scrubs if anyone would like a set they cost £40 they only come in blue and you can have the A+ or the A set and i do have a photo of them

  3. Thanks Mal. Good to have some human contact, even if it’s “virtual”. Haven’t got a new project boat and have run out of repairs to be done, so I’m mostly into photo/computer skills and trom practice. Both very solitary pursuits. Well done to the ship builders out there. I’m looking forward to some “thumb” time.

  4. Terrific Blog Mal !
    Great to hear ( and see ) the goings on in these difficult times.
    Ian D.

    • Thanks for both kind comments. I don’t know how often the special blog will appear but when I round up, or am given enough to fill it out, it will.

  5. What a great blog Mal

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