Good weather for sailing

Well, after an hour or so, anyway. A smattering of Phantoms, 650 and others, overall about 10, I think.

A few people about, mainly with little kids.

The “bird” is set up and takes up the entire bit of the Point, rust and all. Speaking of “all”, as the blog predicted, the seagulls are delighted with the new ablutions.

The water is still well up and launching a lot easier (but keep that to yourselves)

Good sailing but little in the way of news, I’m afraid.


Thanks to all (and I mean “nearly” all ) who confirmed their boat holdings. We have about the same, in number, not altogether as to type,  as two years back.


Next Wed is Any boat Day and you should see a range of models on the water. The classic wooden boats will be out and about and hopefully we’ll get some stronger condition to help them do their stuff.


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