Fourteen toe the line

Being a 650 day it was great to see so much support for it.  We have about 26  650 type boats which makes them top boats.

As well there were a couple of Lasers that I noticed.

The breeze was here and there, often slowing some racing down but not actually stopping it.


What was up is the water level after last weeks 40 ml overnighter.

It has actually tickled the bottom line of the level stick so hopefully we’ll get some more and relieve the launching even further.

Nothing back from the council yet on the launch facility but I hear it is being discussed at various levels, so that’s something.

Speaking about the council,  the media was saying that Eppalock has blue-green algae in some areas which prompted me to have a look at those areas around Neangar where it has first shown before. No sign of any. Checking the council’s algae report online it is unchanged since Nov last year when all waters were clear. None of us knows if the whizbang Algae Blaster has yet been turned on at all this summer, but I guess no reason to is better than fixing an outbreak.

The works on installing the last of Mulga’s memorial was underway today with the steel “head” being installed onto the “beak” promontory. Even they were aware of our hope for a launch facility.


Thanks to all of you who sent me details of their boat holding. I didn’t expect such an overwhelming response, so soon, but indeed it has been. There are still a few that are not reported but going on past charts we have accounted for about 90% of the known group fleet.

Here’s the most recent update, if your boat is not on it,  please make it so.

Next Wed is Phantom Day and with about 15 of those we should get a good showing. Also, for those with Lasers, they are on the water as well.

A couple of requests to get on the blog subscription mail out. Please note that you only have to be interested in the blog but not actual even sail with us. More subscribers gives us more clout with the council in getting resources.  just email me

The calendar is as of last week but I’ve changed the way I do it so it is a bit different in appearance..


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  1. I must have neglected to include a Phantom in my list of boats. you might like to add it when convenient. thanks G

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