Old boats, new boats, new skippers.

Despite the cool weather and lack of sunshine, it was good sailing weather. The 95s never got up to top speed but some interesting contest was always on the go.



For me, there were three new faces, although maybe not all for their first day. Terence I did know was coming (St Arnaud) and he had a brand new Laser and the cutest little doggie you might ever see in the group.. Don was back again with his DF65 (one hears he may have earned a submariner’s medal recently, but only scuttlebutt, you hear) Frank came again with his new DF95  The blogger noticed he had been reading up on the fine points of sail setting. How do I know? I read the same article last night as I decide to really throw my hat back into the ring and really TRY. With one 3rd out 4 and heady second out of 8, I felt I was back in the stalls again.

You too can read the same article if you think the competition has now gone up a few pegs (        )  Maybe.


At one stage the blogger got all excited thinking the council was pouring the footings for our mega launch facility. But no, not yet, it is for the final “beak” railing thingie.

Our turn next.

With new folk coming onboard makes me realise that the Boat Register is probably of more value to them than you oldies.  I’m going to do it up again, from scratch,  so if I have your email, you can expect one from me. If I don’t, and I see you out there, I’ll have a pen and paper. 

Because the Lasers are seeing a revival it was discussed today that I should make allowances on the calendar, in some way, like it used to be. So the one below is the revised March edition. Any boat mentioned in red, under the Wednesday box, is just an indication that as well as the main boat of the day, there should be some of these.

Good to see more of us sporting gumboots, spreads the job and time taken to launch and retrieve, not just your own, but others.

Next Monday is a Labour Day holiday and as I am not up on what goes, or doesn’t, on Mondays, if you want to sail then just turn up and see  if there are others of a like mind.

 As you can see on the Calender (Revised) next Wed is 650s as usual, but with Seawinds for those who  may have one. Worked fine in the  past, like the good old days at the flicks, the main feature and the support movie.


Anyone not on the email notification list I keep (those on it get a simple email saying a new bog has been published, and a link) are welcome to be included. you can email me on redned207@gmail.com

and I’ll add you to it, and confirm it has been done.


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