Much ado about something

Or so the story goes

But as to today’s sailing, first.

Good breeze, the wind actually, to begin with, but as the morning progressed, so did that wind, coming off the gym corner it was around 13 kph to start with but upwards to 30 kph as the morning progressed. Frequent prolonged gusts of 50 kph made for some torrid sailing, with boats becoming amuck, or stuck and some having stress-related problems both  rigging and mental.
Not the place for the faint-hearted.

The classics were out in force with four on the water, all going head to head like it was the Sydney to Hobart. Barry’s racer  Liberty was right in there with the plywoods, Greg’s looking a real picture as she pounded her way through the waves and even Eric’s Anna was dancing about with all sails flying like spinnakers.  My schooner Tessa 2 was not well prepared at all, and as a result, she did not get around quite as I would expect, but her speed was not wanting and so it’s up to me to get things right. Shouldn’t take half an hour to get her on the water.

The special event of the day was not sailing, but a meeting with counsellors and Bendigo City council staff to discuss the ongoing desire we have for a safe and functional launch facility. Much was expressed by the visitors in the way of explaining what the council might be able to do, and how, and from our bunch, ideas and concerns such as we all know about.

I offered to be the contact for ongoing discussions and since nobody actually objected, so I am and as such, will, as and when things start happening report..

Be aware that the proposed City’s idea on what would best suit is not small change, far from it, but as they measure things differently from us, fair enough.  The thing they do understand is that we are an informal group, not a club, association or anything like it. We are just a group (albeit a good few of us) that meet with a common interest of just sailing our boats, on the park lake, for the enjoyment of all, we and everybody. 

Looking better than any of the former applications.

Probably won’t see any progress for a couple of months or so, but rest assured, it really is on the table.  And, what might we hope for?












[Don’t laugh..yet.]






I’m probably sounding “overboard” by stressing that we really need an identity if we are going to be noticed. Today was self-evident that we are nearly there. My big boats are now sporting this logo which I’m happy to make a sticker of for anyone  wanting to “give it a go”.

I’m about to order some DF65/95 parts from the warehouse, so if there is anything you might want to add to it just let me know (Offer closes Sunday night)

And I’ll order it and let you know when I have it. Price should be no more than if you get it yourself and I’m happy to tell you the exact a cost before ordering. Just another Blog service.

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