Wild and Woolly

It forecast good wind but in fact it went a stage or two better.

Not a lot turning up today but understandable. Those that did were more than happy.  One felt like he was riding high. 

Fast sailing was on the  menu until sudden gusts sent boats this way and that.

Could be the  water was up a tad, but at least no less than last week.

No positives from the council re ramp but the more we peck away at it the chances improve for something to eventuate..

It seems I’m not on my own thinking we really need an identity of sorts, if only to refer to it when talking with officials. It goes without resaying that we will never be club but on the other hand we will always be a recognisable group.

Online the word “group” can be found to mean..

As a noun

a number of persons or things ranged or considered together as being related in some way.

As a verb

to place or associate together in a group, as with others.

As they say, if the shoe fits.. Wear it.

So, you might notice the blog agrees and has altered its title to comply. Also, I’ve cleaned up and recomposed the first screen you see that has the most recent blogs on it.  Took ages (as most of this stuff does) but I think it was worth it


The parks people are seeing some results with all that white netting as many of plants, clearly mostly ground covers, are doing very well.

Whatever the reason, the drink van looks like a has-been. Pity.

Heaps of spiffy photos from today. Rather than lump them all in I have complied most into a video slide show. Have  bo-peep, you might be in it! If you think I’m overdoing it, you are probably right, but the glow off the new lens may soon wear off.

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