Great day for everyone

Around 18 skippers made in a notable outing and the weather was very agreeable.

Lots of 650s with a couple of bigger boats.

It doesn’t look like Neangar got the best of the recent rains although it must have held what it had.

A sterling effort by Eric who really immersed himself into helping me to clear the rock-strewn launching area out from the step stones.

However, eventually, we located the Widow Makers, two VERY large rocks that combined, we couldn’t budge. So we decided to make them self evident to all but the reckless and built them well above the current level. I sailed my Affinity around the top rock later, almost touching it and was not impeded in any way. But give it a wide berth regardless. For a couple of metres, more or less,  we ”think”  we left no large or even medium-size rocks, so it should be clear launching unless the level drops much more.

Had hoped for more assistance but we got there anyway. 

Seems the council can find finance to erect yet another  “structure” to the playground (seems they have totally given up on poor old RRsUp Bill. The seagulls might find it a handy lookout and leave their blessings behind all over it.


It seems that the quest for  a reasonable launch facility goes on despite the recent possibility of getting the Weroona pontoon getting nowhere (thanks to those who tried, anyway.)

Eric (that new bloke, again) has been in touch with a Whipstick councillor regarding our lack of safe facilities and while it is early days yet, this seems more supportive than early responses. The Blog will report any good news.

Still waiting to hear of Roy’s “good” news. Lotto win??  

Every so often our racing terminology gets a new descriptor for one thing or the other. Of the few I’ve applied through the blog, the only one that has stuck has been the boardwalk. But today a name was declared to be needed for the more recent markers, and it agreed that my suggestion “Cupcake” seemed agreeable. But only time will tell.. I hope that King Neptune survives as well. While paddling around in the soup I realised that Neangar has a good few wagonloads of Mallee red dust in suspension, still. Check your boats after sailing and you see it in dry brown spots everywhere.

Eric was wondering what Tom Thumb is like, so I took him down there for a quick sail. Like Neangar it has a dusty look about the water but it is about only 20 cm below full. Oddly enough, something I’ve never seen it like before, ever, no birds! Not one the water, not one the island. That scarecrow in a tradie’s shirt  must be too effective, it had me thinking we were under observation, for a while.

I tried my new whizzbang camera lens out today and am delighted with the results.





To get a  good testing I snapped a few of our better-known mates and you can judge if it improved them. Certainly, the boats have come out nicely.




Next Wed is Phantom day, hope it is really windy!

Oh, and yes.. HAPPY 82nd this Saturday BRIAN !!   

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