Thirteen this time

Yup, mostly 95’s and a few  others.The wind was good for those and some really close racing was to be had. I was very pleased to hear “The Lady” starting the races and the course and rules back to where they used to be.
The blog hears that Monday was a bit hairy, I’m sorry I missed it! I heard that the Lasers had a good time on Monday. If anyone who sails Mondays would like to have one of those days down for a special type of sailing (like we used to) then let me know.
Seems Russ and Dane have been following up avenues of how we may finally get a proper launching facility. At this point in time, it is just conjecture but if interested ask either of them for an update. And cross your fingers, we have to get a fair go some time, surely.
Thanks to those who came today prepared to lend a hand at clearing hidden rocks in front of the boardwalk. I was somewhat lame and would not attempt it, but come next Wednesday I’ll be there with tools and best intentions.
Had no feedback on whether the links to the Phantom articles were of any interest, so I won’t go down that path. It is easy to place a short comment at the foot of this page.
Don’t know what has happened to all news-worthy happenings these days, maybe I’m losing my reporters touch. Or maybe there is not really much different happening? But thirteen was notable and got the headline.

While not of Neangar news I can report that I visited Crusoe a few days ago and along the shoreline, it was weed-free (or seemed so). Asking one of the paddlers there I was informed that Crusoe had in fact received “some” water recently. Clearly, this has risen over former dry ground and the weed has had no time to get onto it. So next month I’ll be going up on a Friday (suitable conditions forecast) and relive the old times once again. If you have never sailed Crusoe then you have missed out on something entirely different.

Next Wed is 650 day. Let’s get a few on the water like the biggies did today.


2 thoughts on “Thirteen this time

  1. Good work Mal, love keeping up with all the news, will have some of my own within the next week.
    Hello to everyone, specially my old mate Brian.

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