Summer sailing

Typical warm, sunny and breezy (at times) day.

With 11 skippers it was a better turnout than some recent ones.



While the water level remains better, it is still difficult to lunch even down in the water just off the stepping stones.

It really needs a bit of special effort from one or two, in sandals, to fish around and snag out the larger rocks that are a metre or two offshore. If I’m there next Wed I’ll bring a sturdy rake and some rope, etc, and see if the area can be made safe to launch and dock.

Following our hectic experience with the sloops, last Wednesday Eric and I put them out today, after suitable repairs and adjustments had been made, and spent the morning going through the kind of techniques you need to employ with boats of this kind. Are we any better? We think so, but only time will tell.



Another reminder that anyone wanting numbers or patches etc from adhesive vinyl  I happy to do them for practice rather than cost.

With modest numbers, there is little “material” with which to pad the blog out so I’ll just add a thing or two if I can.

First of all is an online article of correctly setting sails on the Phantom. Goolwa  (South Aust) has always been big in the Phantom world and has several articles of interest to everyone, I’m sure.


One of the topics that is always of interest, and often a lot of concern, is this one.


Seems they have some real experts on this subject. 


Speaking of Fast Phantoms, check these out. I think I saw Laurie in it somewhere!  

Here’s next months calendar, much as you would expect and no holidays at all. With kids back at school it will b quiet once again, but in the meantime, what has happened to the drink van?

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