Easy to get the  wind up

Particularly when it’s doing its best to blow you away. anything not tied down was fair game for it today, hats, boatstands, chairs, even shop trolleys. The seagulls were often flying backwards.

Weather people are getting better at it. It was on the chart to start off moderate and by lunchtime get a lot heavier, and that’s how it happened.

Only a few made it along but given those forecasts, hardly surprising. We had 4 or 5 Phantoms, a couple of 650s, a Marblehead a Budgie and a Water Rat. So, a bit of a mixture to see how long they could stay out there.


Eric and I brought along our sloops as this was bound to be a morning of extreme wind, and so it turned out. With these boats, in particular, you really need to allow a full day to try out al the trims etc. Unlike the Dragons and other big names, there is no published list of such.

My sloop, green sails, became uncontrollable when white caps began appearing as the rudder locking screw was loosened by the force of the gusts. With that fixed seemed just one small thing after the other (know the feeling?) but before lunch for an hour or so both boats display the fact that they can cope with almost anything (although tacking gets a bit iffy at the high end). My Maxine actually put the entire bow and foredeck right under at one stage, I’ve never seen any of this classics do that before. The wind was typically 30 – 50 kph and only rarely any less so.

Needless to say by lunchtime the field was down to just 3 diehards.

The recent storms have raised the lake to where it was  2 months ago. Hopefully, there is more about as I write,  but please let it be a bit more regulated.

Around this time last year, we had gotten past the short December burst of Blue-green algae, but upon checking with the City of Bendigo it’s evident that it isn’t about at all this summer, so far, anyway. The site says last readings of the various local water bodies was late November 2019. Seems like the monster of the deep may not even get turned on this season at all, but BGA  can still flourish in autumn.

Ian H ( NOT  the Ian in the tradies jacket) is now the new owner of my Seawind. I delighted that he got it as I knew he was looking for one for two years or so.

Not that it really matters, I guess, but Tom Thumb is full again. The classics are going to visit it sometime soon as it is a very picturesque lake but best sailed with a westerly. Anyone interested when we know we are going, let me know. Possibly a Friday. There is much more varied wildlife there and a lot of walkers who are most interested in it all. The locals would have us back in a flash, according to a few of them who were so happy to see us there prior to the relocation to Neangar. No playground, no toilets, no worry.

Some action video from this morning

Next Wednesday will be  more appealing  to all. It’s basically a bring anything day, Every boat should have a skipper. 


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