Wild and Woolly

It forecast 33 + kph wind, and it did, gusting to 50 at times.

The few 650s seemed to handle it well although some had smaller sails.

I also had my Seawind along to see how she handled the conditions.
Went fine until the gusts hit then not coping so well. Having a wide, rather shallow hull this is to be expected. (shades of the Roaring Laser Days).

After a few hours with those the 95’s started appearing as this was more their cup of tea conditions. They were still at it after lunch.

I also had along my Old Timer sloop, Anna.  I’ve completely rebuilt this except for the hull, keel and masts.  Only when the gusts were at their strongest did she have any problem, and then only for a moment.. Other than that, she carried on rather well and even though trailing in any race, still showed amazing pace for a boat of her weight.  There is a bit more thought needed in the rigging to get her up to scratch (I changed a few things, you see    ).

Hans turned up with his surprise of the day, a new DF95. Seemed a bit concerned about sailing it under the conditions (fair enough, new boat and all that) but when I was leaving he had it back out and mixing it with the rest. 


Barry brought along his scratch built IOM which, although as yet unpainted, reveled in today’s blustery conditions. Looks like a year of “make your owns” 


The number of kids using the new park were way down as you might expect. The BBQ’s were being cleaned as we arrived, and you could have had your pick of them at lunchtime. Business was far from as brisk as over the past three weeks, with school back, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it may not always be there during the week.

On a somewhat sombre note I need to advertise  Roy & Marg’s Affinity for sale. This is a boat with enough sea miles, just, to show it is up with any other, it comes with a quality radio, batteries included (Tx and Rx). Contact Roy personally or let Brian or I know that you are interested. Keep in mind, rare offer..   one careful lady skipper/owner only.  $200

Every wondered how fast your boat is going on days like today? Well, I can work that out for you on any sailing day. How?  Magic… 

Today would have been perfect to demonstrate. Interested?

Carole tells us she has had a reply from the council following her inquiry as to when we might be getting our park benches back again.  As soon as they know she will be told. Well done Carole!

Next Wednesday is Big boats Day.  Might as well get them on the water, the level dropped noticeably over the last week and you will need to launch off the boardwalk up the “beak” end..

Looking over the boat registry, and the owners shown on that, it seems that as a group we have now less boats and fewer active participants  than 12 months ago.. why is this?


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