Seven 95’s under great conditions

It was a good breeze, somewhat shifting but ideal for the DF95 day. We’ll close off the Phantom Series with this month’s round.

The 2018 DF95 Series has been closed off as of last month’s round, as has been the series for the 650 models.

From today the DF95’s are sailing just 3 rounds, the winners being declared for on a monthly basis, rather than annually.

I can’t say how the 650 boats will go, so at this time a 650 day is not a special round of races, just bring your 650 boat along if you wish.

Unless someone has a different plan to organise something for the Phantoms it will be a case of bringing your Phantom on Big Boats days (when any kind of boat is expected as well).

Following being asked if I knew anything about the DF65 A+ stock situation (I didn’t), the email to them yesterday came back “ETA not known”.  Having a bit of an inside knowledge just how difficult it is for Hobby Warehouse to know when orders will be supplied, they would not be too happy to be left in the dark, I imagine.

While it is great to have a decent bit of water under the keel we should not think it will stay that way, already it is beginning to do the usual warm weather vanishing act.

Nice to have a solid planking under foot while using the boardwalk, the council has done an excellent road in fixing it all up. Still no sign of our park benches, I guess they won’t do anything until the hordes of playground users go back to school.  I’d quite forgotten how vocal young lasses can be when having a good time, noisier than the fruit bats.

Those of you that were sailing with us 2 or 3 years ago may recall the Mystery of the Turtle Hilton. (there was a floating mass of vegetation well out beyond the sailing circuit, and it turned out to be a breeding facility for those mobile dinner plates. Actually, Brian spotted the first one for the season today.

Anyway, Mulga’s butt has provided a couple of savvy ducks with a swish sun roost

It would be interesting to know if the council are going to clean the BBQs daily as they did before the old setup was replaced. If they don’t, just wrap your serving in aluminium foil and you’ll be OK. Otherwise fry anything on some Baking Paper.

Nothing else comes to mind to talk about, hopefully next Wednesday’s mixed small boats will see an impressive turnup.

Please note the calendar has been amended.

I had my latest Seawind out today (the former has found a new home within our group.)  Finally I seemed to get on top of why it was performing so poorly (other than me, that is), so with 4  Seawinds in the group they should make a good showing.  It made a good camera platform so here’s a 1 minute video.



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