The Blog Returns !!

Due to the server in the USA that  all my sites are stored on, and supposedly safely backup with  backups of backups.


Someone pressed the wrong button and deleted everything. And that included every of everything  

But now they managed to sort it out somehow or the other, and we are back online.

On Monday I sent out a single sheet by email to those that are on the blog subscription list (free, of course) and so I’ll reproduce it here. If you would like to included on it just email me

I don’t know if anyone will report on today’s sailing but Greg has told me there were 12 650’s on the water and the weather was great, mostly.




The Blog you get when there isn’t one.


Without going into boring technical details, the way I set Tom Crusoe Sailing up on the internet is currently offline until the USA server people get over the shock of someone deleting EVERYTHING.

Which is why you get  a “404” Error message if try to bring it up.

I’m supposedly going to see it back online later this week. I hope. 

Apparently today had 7 skippers and very good sailing conditions. The new playground was like a stirred up antheap from reports I’ve had. That will settle down when school goes back.

A couple of general “business” to add here.

The 650 series is looking to be run under two different classes, Ordinary A sails and another for those wealthy ( ??   )  enough to have A+ sails. Talking to Brian he concedes that there may be a bit of working out how to score such an event,  so we’ve decided to end the current series as of last months round, and do a trial over the next three months, starting this Wednesday.  To allow  you  may sort the teething problems, if there any. I say “you” as I think I’ve done enough to get all three series through to date, and so will not be putting my hand up for 2019. I personally think that it shouldn’t be left to Brian,   although I know he might say otherwise,  so have a think of how and who is going to oversee the three series. I’ll continue to report everything I’m told on the blog, as per usual, and keep the scores. If it turns out that interest in it is insufficient then we can just go back to General sailing as we used to. I’ll keep this on the backburner in forthcoming Blogs.

Here’s the calendar for next month. 
Be aware that is our busiest month of the year with TEN DAYS of sailing.




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