Back in Business !!

Well, we’re back from a couple of weeks checking out the Apple Isle. Great place to spend time checking out the not so common spots. May I just say that using Airbnb for a place to rest up and lay one’s weary head, beats motels any day, in particular down there. Why?, well, if you are interested, just ask me sometime.

I didn’t sail any sailboats (but did take our car on the ferry) but made a point of checking out a 150 y.o. Tassie bush-built boat that you may have seen a doco on ABC a few months ago, the May Queen. I did,  and wanted to see her up close, and well, personal, like. Which we did.

The May Queen ketch


Anyway, great to be back and even more so to be able to park and walk to the boardwalk (all professionally screwed down, new  or repaired) as in the good old days prior to The Pumphouse relocation and the Curse of the Algae.

And really great to see 13 skippers along today in great sailing weather and mild and mostly sunny weather. We can comfortably expect more of the same over the next 2 months, at least. The water level is up to nearly full so getting your boat in and out is, easy-peasy, as the grand kids say.

There was a wide range of models but noticeably absent many of the 650 types. their turn next Wednesday anyway.

I was given the results of the Phantom round last week, I don’t know how many took part but since there were only 3 placings, not many. Hopefully with easy access and prime sailing weather all the series will be popular, and plenty of contenders. Not sure about next year, maybe something different, or not at all? What do YOU think ? (leave a comment down below).

Next Wednesday is 650 round day. The calendar was not meant to confuse  but I tried to make it clear that the model in red was what others might have as well as, or instead of the series boat. Won’t do that in next months. so all next Wed’s mention of Phantom is as a not series boat that others might have along for general racing.

The new BBQ and seating is very nice, not in the least that there is plenty of it.



And access to the boardwalk is easy and almost direct  with no gates or fencing. Also parking on the other side of the street is angled, not parallel, so more spaces. But a resourceful local has three of the park side bays taken up with his food and drink van. It will be interesting to see how many days a week it lasts for,  when summer is over and only we diehards venture forth.

Personally, I think the playground design and layout is very good, and by clearing away all those shrubs up the eastern end, we will have smoother air when the breeze is from that quarter.

Not so sure about Mulga Bill’s bum sticking up alongside our righthand course, but Carole served him notice with a decent thump with her boat. Well done!


Don’t forget the old saying “Make sail while the sun shines”




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