Mulga Bill’s grand opening

Thanks to Carole (and the 4 others who came out and represented our group),  here is how it went.


Carole reports ”

Hi Mal we had five boats on the water, Brian, Colin, Hans, Russell and Carole. A lot of interested people having a sail , wanting to know how the boats worked, and enjoying the spectacle. Really crowded probably around 3 thousand and having lots of fun. Graham was playing in the band. The crowd was very well behaved waiting turns for a ride. After the speeches were over we were thanked by someone from the Council and we asked that our seats be put back for us. I told him if nothing happens I will plague Council again.  Carole
Thanks for that Carole, it was important that if we want to be seen as an active, albeit informal, group using the lake,  that we recognise that the council is aware of our regular attendance. Not being a club we are spared much of the demands and obligations of such, but we need to do a bit more towards being part of that community if we are to be an actual part of it.. No doubt Carole’s efforts will ensure the seats return promptly, when they can do so, but we need to keep in mind that when, not if, the lake once again loses it’s depth over a very likely dry summer, that some form of easier launching will again be a general concern for our group.
Good to see Graham being there with his band.
Click here to see Carole’s excellent photos.
Just a reminder that tomorrow is a open sailing day when you can bring you favourite boat along. The weather will be favourable in direction and strength and the forecast showers  only expected in the afternoon. While I have not been along, yet, to see, I would expect access to our area to be much as it was prior to the playground makeover. Certainly, from the photos, it is clear the TWO new BBQ’s are in place, so those who do come out, let’s give ’em a good work out.

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  1. Who was that good lookin’ trombone player??

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